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Women's Shinny

Citywide Women's Shinny Hockey Times 2013-2014

posted December 28, 2013





Jimmie Simpson

Kew Gardens






Dufferin Grove


Ramsden Park






Kew Gardens


Prince of Wales

9am -10am and 8:30pm - 10pm

5:30m-7:30pm Hockey-Girls (9-17 yrs)


Wed 7:30pm-8:30pm


Withrow Park

Ramsden Park

North Toronto Memorial



Jimmie Simpson




6:30pm-8pm (Hockey-Girls), 8pm-9:30pm (Hockey )




1 - 4pm

5:30-6:30pm (girls up to 18)


Withrow Park

3:30 - 5pm Shinny - Care giver GIRLS only Winter (up to 13 yrs)



9:00 - 11:00 am











3-5 pm (girls 6-12yrs)


Women's Shinny Stories

Over the years, as women's shinny has grown and grown, lots of stories have been sent to Many are about problems and -- often -- their resolution. Reader, if you are trying to get a new game going at your neighbourhood municipal rink, read on to find out what works. And if you need help, e-mail Deirdre Norman and cc us at Chances are, you'll soon have a group of happy skaters -- city staff are on side.

Women's Shinny Stories 2006

We got these emails from shinny hockey player Sally Bliss, describing what she found in various rinks...

posted February 14, 2006

Greenwood, Kew Beach and Monarch Park

This email is to follow up on some of my negative skating and shinny experiences at the city rinks at Greenwood, Kew Beach and Monarch Park. I have decided not to file an official complaint with city councillors and Parks and Rec.

Since those experiences, I had the most glorious 2 hour session of women's shinny on perfectly prepared ice at Greenwood Park. Two days later, I had the same experience at Kew Beach.

A week ago Monday, I had to get off the ice again at Kew Beach during women's shinny for the zamboni to clear and flood, but was told that this happens equally to men and women during their time slots. It meant sitting for 10 minutes, which I think is reasonable. Last Friday, my ESL students and I were turned away for a second time from Monarch Park because the ice was soft and there were a few inches of water on the rink. The high those days was 8 & 11 Celcius and I understand the challenge of dealing with unseasonable weather.

What I realize is that I should have made the city aware of my negative experiences right when they happend and not so long after the fact, when it seems that they have now got their act together in maintaining the ice. The main reason, however, is that I'm trying to establish a relationship with the Monarch Park rink people and I don't want to jeopardize that by getting their backs up. I took students twice last week and again yesterday and we've almost always had the ice to ourselves. Yesterday, because nobody else was there, I was able to give my students hockey sticks during the public skating time.

postings from 2007-2009

Women's Shinny Stories 2007-2009:
Wallace Emerson Rink 2007: Timeslot enforcement and ice maintenance for women's shinny
Jan.12, 2007

Women shinny players reported that last night they were booed during the women's shinny time and no staff came out to get rid of the guys who were doing this.

Jan.11 2007

Cc of letter from a women's shinny-hockey player to Tino DeCastro, Recreation supervisor:

At 8:30 (our ice time is 8:30-10:00 pm) I went out to the ice and waited for the staff person to clear the ice. When it became obvious that that wasn't going to happen I went out and yelled "permit time". A few guys left, most didn't. The staff person, who had been playing shinny, came over. I asked him if he was staff and if he would help clear the ice. He didn't say a word but skated over to a couple of guys and then left the ice, leaving me and maybe 15 guys on the ice. Some were saying that they were not going to leave though they eventually did. Once again we had to put up with ongoing remarks and deliberate reluctance to leave the ice. As the women came on the guys continued their commentary.

We are adults and I do not want you to think we are expecting everyone to be nice to us. Our expectations are the same as these young men's. We want to play; without harassment.

Perhaps your staff person was not fully aware of the schedule and his role in clearing the ice of players. Perhaps the well posted schedule wasn't read by the players. I am hoping that you will consider adding an additional staff for at least a Thursday or two. Often with some explanation and understanding these behaviours disappear. Regardless we, as women, should not be threatened or intimidated into leaving the ice.

I am sorry to have to bring this to your attention. I know that you have been supportive of this program and I am sure the issue will be resolved quickly.

Response from Recreation supervisor Tino DeCastro: Sorry for this. I will ensure it gets resolved. Staff will be spoken to, not acceptable at all.

Feb.5 2007, from Women's shinny convener Deirdre Norman to City Rinks manager Kevin Bowser

My name is Deirdre Norman. I run the annual The Women of Winter outdoor shinny tournament at Dufferin Grove rink and am, generally, a shinny and outdoor ice fan. I, also, belive in supporting our rinks any way I can. I understand that High Park Rink has a zamboni tent to house their zamboni and I am interested in getting as much information from you as possible re: cost, place of purchase, etc. in order to research the possibility of having one donated to Wallace -Emerson Rink.

I hope you are able to help me with this endeavour.

Women's Shinny Stories 2010-2011
Greenwood Rink 2010: Help from Parks enforcing women's shinny time
Saturday Dec.11 2010

Women's shinny report: At Greenwood outdoor shinny this Sat AM, some boys came on and gave us a little trouble- I connected with the rink staff staff and a William Coombs , Parks foreperson, gave me his card after intervening on our behalf (told the boys to wait until their turn at noon) and told me to call as soon as it happens next time. We were impressed and felt well treated.

Hodgson Rink 2010-2011: Scheduling and ice maintenance for women's shinny

Sunday December 5 2010 - Email from rink user T.F.

I was just wondering if you know who I can contact about the times for women's shinny at Hodgson. I went today at 6:30pm and the lights were off and it was locked up. Both your website and the City of Toronto website says that on Sundays they have women's shinny from 6:30-8pm. I called 311 before I went and they told me the rink was open and women's shinny was at 6:30. I'm just not sure who else to contact to get info on the right times.

Email 5 Dec. from CityRinks to Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation staff Wendy Jang and Dave Hains, Deirdre Norman of Women of Winter, and T.F.:

Any ideas who can figure out what's not working here? T.F., that must have been frustrating. I've cc'd Deirdre Norman here too, since she has a big interest in women's shinny citywide.

Email response, 6 Dec. from Wendy Jang, cc CityRinks

I do know we had mechanical problems with this rink and were not able to open as planned on November 27th. Perhaps there was another mechanical break down - don't know but we'll find out and report back. Thanks for letting us know about your experience.... ....apparently [a staff member] responded this morning to advise that the Zamboni had mechanical problems.

January 27, 2011, e-mail from Deirdre Norman to Recreation supervisor Kelly McInnnes

I get asked a lot of questions about shinny times and when I was at Hodgson the staff and the skating instructor were a little unclear about the schedule. I think there has been some confusion about the end time because players thought it went until 9:30 pm and ice maintenance was happening at 9:00 or 9:15 and then the rink was closing.

So my question is, what time does Hodgson close on Sunday? Is it 9:00 pm? Or is that the end of the program and open shinny goes for another hour?

February 1, 2011, e-mail from Recreation supervisor Kelly McInnnes

Adult Beginner Shinny is definitely until 9:30pm on Sundays. Ice maintenance should not happen until after 9:30.

February 1, 2011, e-mail from Deirdre Norman to Recreation supervisor Kelly McInnnes

Thanks for that information. As I mentioned the maintenance has been happening at 9:00 or 9:15 and while that isn't a lot of time, every minute counts when it is our outdoor ice!

February 1, 2011, e-mail from Recreation supervisor Kelly McInnnes

I agree with you. I'll ensure it doesn't happen again.

The Women of Winter Annual Shinny Tournament

Six years and going strong! Who’d have thought that a little shinny game would produce this amazing, annual event for us?

Every year we work hard to balance the teams (thanks Tracy) but no one can predict the endless injuries and illness even on game day. But there was no lack of players waiting in the wings and who were willing to play again and again.

Every one of you played like champions. The ice was perfect until the final game and the snow was a game-changer. Back and forth goals, pucks disappearing in the snow, and a couple of tumbles; it was anyone's game.

The clock was ticking but in the end it was Team C who won the bragging rights for the tourney.

Congratulations to: Rosalie Bellefontaine, Andrea Daley, Anne Daley, Elizabeth D’Amico, Tatiana Kurchira, Kathryn Morrison, Jennifer Thome and Nathalie Ouellet.

As always a big thank you to all the volunteers, fans, photographers, our refs and timekeeper (who retired this year), our security staff; Sawyer and Avery, the staff at Dufferin-Grove Rink, our sponsors, Linda the zamboni driver, and you, the players, for making this event a huge success.

I look forward to seeing you at The Women of Winter Outdoor Shinny Tournament 2012.

Deirdre Norman
TWOW Tournament Convener


Third Annual "The Women Of Winter" Shinny Tournament

posted November 22, 2008

For the fourth year, The Women Of Winter annual Shinny Tournament will be held at Dufferin Grove Park. The dates this year: Friday Feb. 6 and Sat. Feb. 7 2009.

See The Women Of Winter's website at for details and registration forms. Contact [email protected] for information.

Some history: the 2008, 2007 and 2006 tournaments.

The outdoor ice is in, the CWHL season is rocking and hockey is everywhere (NHL who?).

I hope you all are having a great season so far. We have launched our Furies merch in time for Christmas so get those orders in. See below for details.

Women-only shinny –new rink and time for 2012-13
Toronto Furies Merchandise
Toronto Furies vs. Montreal Stars
TWOW Outdoor Tournament

Women-only shinny Women-only shinny times at the outdoor rinks are unique opportunities to play the game in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Times and rinks can be found at and

New this year is a Wednesday night 8:30-10:00 pm slot at Cedarvale AIR near Phil White Arena near the Allen Expressway. This slot is new and needs your support. Please join us for a game.

Toronto Furies Merchandise The Toronto Furies of the CWHL has launched their merchandise line. Official team jerseys are available online at All other merch including hats, toques and scarves are available at our downtown store. Please email me for hours and location. You can view our product line at

Toronto Furies vs. Montreal Stars On January 5 and 6, 2013 the Montreal Stars are coming to Toronto at the Mastercard Centre. Though it is always special when Montreal comes to town, these games will have something extra for the fan experience. We anticipate a sell-out crowd so get your tickets and don’t miss out! Go to to purchase tickets online.

8th annual TWOW Outdoor Tournament Of course, the tourney is full but I am taking names for the waiting list. Go to to download the registration form. Line ups coming in January.

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