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Monday Dec.23 2013

Today, Withrow Rink was finally listed as "open" on the city's website.

Thursday Dec.12 2013

Today there were still trucks parked beside the rink, there was a fan blowing exhaust out of the compressor room, and lots of tools around. Nobody was in sight to ask, though.

contractors' trucks still there

exhaust fan out the compressor room door

Wednesday Nov.27 2013

no ice on the rink

The rink is obviously not going to open on Saturday. Maybe some water damage was done here during the August floods, and it wasn't fixed in time. Another rumour is that there was a disagreement about who should pay, and that held up the repair work.

The fact is, Withrow rink is once again having trouble with its plant -- a yearly occurrence by now. Is the problem that is sits so low in the hollow that any extra stormwater or even winter meltwater gets into the compressor room?

repair crew

Cimco is on the job

work station for pipes

temporary storage tank?

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