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Sunday 6 Dec 2009

email from rink users P.M./T.S. to Councillor Fletcher, cc CityRinks The Withrow phone number gives a busy signal constantly. Also…your city schedule showed the rink opening yesterday but I noticed it was not open. Would it be possible to put this sort of thing on the web site?

Sunday 20 Dec 2009

4.30pm - 6 skaters on the ice, families mostly. It looks like unenforced shared use there are 2 hot shots zipping around while a couple families try to teach their youngsters to skate and to shoot the puck. One family leaving says her sons are tired of being knocked over. (the hot shots aren't knocking kids down only skating quickly past and surprising the little ones who then fall, luckily they are wearing helmets and snow pants).

Wednesday Dec.30 2009

Christmas-holiday pleasure-skaters

Numbers at 4 pm: 25 pleasure-skaters, 13 in the change room. One building attendant and two rink guards (one inside).

The building attendant said he's been working at the rink for many years and he was surprised that this year the changerooms were closed on Christmas and Boxing Day, and are scheduled to be closed on New Year's Day as well. He said that on Christmas Eve there were so many people at the rink and by 6 pm there were still more coming, but he had to ask them to leave the changerooms and lock the building.

Monday January 25, 2010

Machine disaster: apparently last night when it rained, the compressor room flooded and something (unspecified) blew up. So Withrow Rink is closed indefinitely.

Wednesday January 27 2010

Sometimes the news is better than anticipated. After the doom and gloom predictions at Withrow, the rink re-opened today (according to 311).

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