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posted October 26, 2007

CELOS follow-up rink meeting, October 25, with Recreation manager Costanza Allevato (at Wallace Rink)


Following up (from the October 25 rink meeting) on issues that can be addressed by Recreation branch: signage, seating, schedules, repair work-orders, individual rink phones, communication between on-site rink staff, broken vending machines, hot line, city information line, City of Toronto outdoor rinks web page.


Costanza Allevato (Toronto/East York Recreation manager), Tino DeCastro (Recreation supervisor), Belinda Cole (CELOS), Jutta Mason (CELOS), Mayssan Shuja Udin (Cluster rink coordinator), Lea Ambros (Dufferin Rink).

Summary of discussion:

Report on the Toronto/East York rink staff meeting on October 23. Tino DeCastro is the recreation supervisor in charge of all the recreation rink staff in this district. There are also some rink staff subcommittees:

- Staff recruitment and training committee: they will put together a staff recruitment day on November 12, looking for skating instructors and rink monitors.

- Operational standards team: they will be in charge of making sure that a facility check list is completed for all rinks and rink change rooms in the Toronto/East York district. The 4-page check list will identify problems such as broken bulletin boards, lack of benches, insufficient rubber mats, etc.

The check lists are due on November 9 and will then be followed up by work orders (issued by Tino DeCastro), to get the rinks ready for opening day.


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