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posted October 26, 2007

November 2 follow-up rink meeting with Kevin Bowser, at Wallace Rink

Agenda: discussing the rink user's manual.

Specifically, CELOS provided answers to Kevin Bowser's questions as he listed them (see Nr.1) and Kevin Bowser's gave some answers to the CELOS questions.


1.To Kevin Bowser: "Can you send us what you want to know about Dufferin Rink? It will be a bit tricky to untangle the rink from everything else that goes on there in winter (Senior's card club, moms-and-kids drop-in, youth support, neighbourhood planning meetings, etc.). Dufferin Grove functions as a very heavily-used community centre (without walls) as well as a winter community rink. But if you let us know what you need, we'll try to mark those payroll expenditures that refer specifically to rink work."

2. What CELOS wants to know:

(a) Bulletin board repairs: who will do that, and when?

(b) Change room and staff room signage: is that "Facilities and Real Estate"?

(c) windows in changerooms and staff rooms that now lack windows -- how do we get that started? Should it go under "health and safety"?

(d) phones that work -- who is in charge of that (again: health and safety?)

(e) zamboni located at Wallace Rink -- is there one this year? If so, are you doing the tent for protection, with funding from Women of Winter?

(f) are you giving the order to leave rinks unlocked in daylight hours CITYWIDE, even if there are no staff? Will you arrange for "at your own risk" signs?

(g) are you staggering the rink openings? (right now all neighborhood rinks except two are scheduled to open on the same day -- Dec.8) If so, what is the schedule for the openings?

(h) what's your plan to create better communication between city workers servicing or attending rinks?

(j) do you plan to have shovels at all rinks, and instructions for rink staff on how to work with rink users shovelling to clear off light snow?

(k) what is your plan for encouraging the City's helmet policy, at the same time making sure that staff know the policy is not law and that no rink user can be forced to do what the policy?

(l) what is your plan for applying the City's policy requiring its own staff to wear helmets when on the ice? Will Local 416 workers also be required to wear helmets?

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