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posted October 27, 2007

Follow-up is everything!

CELOS (The Centre for local research into public space) has put out a booklet on how the city's outdoor rinks can be made better. It's a good booklet, but now comes the really interesting part: how to bring about the changes that are recommended. In the process, some CELOS recommendations may turn out to be duds, and will hopefully be replaced by new ideas that work better.

To get involved in making your outdoor rink work better, here's the contact: [email protected]. You'll be connected to the right city rink staff within one day, and then we'll follow up.

Follow-up list

See also Rinks By The Numbers.

posted October 26, 2007

November 2 follow-up rink meeting with Kevin Bowser, at Wallace Rink

Agenda: discussing the rink user's manual.

see Minutes

posted October 26, 2007

CELOS follow-up rink meeting, October 25, with Recreation manager Costanza Allevato (at Wallace Rink)


posted October 18, 2007

October 17 meeting with City outdoor rinks manager

Until October 12, Mayor David Miller stuck to his story that the city’s 49 outdoor compressor-cooled ice rinks wouldn’t open until January 1, to save money. (Or maybe: December 31.) So rink friends from various parts of the city started “Save our rinks.”

This story has some unexpected plot twists. Although requests by Councillors to take up the rink issue were repeatedly ruled out of order at City Hall, MasterCard suddenly changed the bad news – by offering to pay the $160,000 that the City said they would save by keeping the rinks closed during the busiest month of the rink season.

see Minutes

posted October 16, 2007

CELOS Releases Ice Rink Manual

The Center for Local Research into Public Space (CELOS) has released a new report on the operation of outdoor ice rinks. Based on over a decade of experience in promoting the enjoyment of Toronto's outdoor rinks, the report catalogues ways in which the city can more effectively offer this service to skating enthusiasts, while minimizing cost, and protecting this unique treasure. For one thing, the season should be mid November to end of February, not December to mid March, owing to the angle of the sun.

See the booklet.

posted October 10, 2007

The CELOS Outdoor Rink Report, Part One

Written in 2007 by CELOS, funded by the Metcalf Foundation, this report provides outlines of operational issues and their possible solutions. The report is still relevant today (2010).

See also Part Two: Attendance, Permits, Helmets, Staff, Community, Appendices, and the pdf version.

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