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2009 - 2010

Dec.28 2009

ice resurfacer

At 4.20 pm, the rink was just being resurfaced, by a tractor/champion combo. 11 skaters (youth) were waiting in the change room, to go and play shinny hockey. They said that they always have to wear helmets, even when there's no rink guard -- the zamboni driver enforces the rule.

January 11 2010, e-mail for K.J. to CityRinks

What is the policy regarding parent-child shinny 8 and under on outdoor rinks in Toronto?

Should there be adults on the ice who are there with no kids? Should there be adults and teens playing a game but none of them are 8 or under? If there are more adults than kids, is it ok for the person in charge to allow the adults to use one half of the rink and the parent/child 8 and under to use the other half?

West Way every Saturday same issues.

January 14 2010, e-mail from Recreation Supervisor Terry Hickingbottom to CityRinks:

Our staff are expected to follow the posted schedule, we will review with the particular staff to correct this anomaly.

January 14 2010, e-mail from K.J. to CityRinks

I received an e-mail first thing this morning and then spoke to a supervisor, I believe its all been worked out OK now.

Thursday January 21, 2010

this rink has a formal entranceway

At 3.30 the rink had no skaters. The zamboni driver says the kids will come soon for drop-in shinny, but later on it's solid permits. He says he has very little drop-in, since the rink is so near the main roads and everybody knows about it. It's always booked. He says the kids from the neighbourhood come around sometimes to see if by any chance a permit has cancelled and they can skate.

Monday January 25 2010

I asked the dad who wrote in about the parent-child schedule, if everything was going well in that program now. He sent back this message: Oh yah its great now lots of fun.

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