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West Mall (Double Pad) Rink Profile

Compressors 200 hp. 50 hp Recirculation pump plus a 15 hp slow duty recirculation pump

Opening: Nov. 28, 2015
Closing: scheduled for March 20, 2016

Rink change area: Plenty of space to change your skates. Most people change in the large oval foyer but there are more changerooms available. The rinkhouse is clean and the floor is covered with rubber mats that go into the washrooms. Sadly, the rink house is not a social space, although it easily could be.

Staff: A rink operator is on duty Monday - Friday 3-11pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. There are rink guards during supervised skating times.

Maintenance: The rink is cleaned at the discretion of the rink operator. Generally very good ice maintenance. 9 - 14 shifts a week.


there used to be lots of logos -- painted over now

big pleasure-skating surface

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Rink Diary

2015 - 2016

Nov.29, 2015

Nov.29, 2015


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Views of the rink

Posted rink schedule
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The posted sign has very few public shinny hockey hours a week. However, the sign appears to be wrong. The city rink schedule has more hours -- it says that unsupervised shinny hockey is available from 9 am to 4 pm every weekday, and a bit longer on Tuesday and Thursday. Weekends are permit only for the hockey side, no public time at all.

From The City of Toronto Website 2014-15

For the skating schedule, go to West Mall, then click on Skating.

Rink Diary

2015 - 2016

Nov.29, 2015

Nov.29, 2015



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