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Rink Diary 2013-2014

Feb.21, 2014

The rink is marked as open but in fact there are about 3 inches of water on the hockey side after last night's rain, now sunshine and above freezing. There has been ice maintenance to take off soem of the watwr but there's lots left.

Feb.20 2014

For much of this rink season, maintenance has been sketchy during the daytimes. The caretaking staff from the community centre, who is supposed to do daytime ice maintenance, is just now starting his zamboni training -- three days before the end of the the season.

Dec. 15 2013

S.B. writes:

I walked by Wallace this morning. There was a Zamboni and plough at the rink. The Zamboni had already cleared a lot of the hockey pad. The changeroom was open and a recreation staff person was working.

Dec.13 2013

A man in his mid 40s to 50, tidy grey beard, physically fit, went ballistic on a group of kids. He threatened to smash one of the youths' faces into the boards when the youth gave the staff some push back (when it was time to start the 18 and over age group). The man then hit the staff with his hockey stick.

He seemed to be looking for trouble from the start, like he had something to prove. Said "same old story" several times after he was asked to leave.

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