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wood stove at Dufferin


Rink Diary 2011 - 2012

Saturday Dec.3 2011

The ice is thick enough for skating but didn't get resurfaced until 2 pm. That's because on the first day of the rink season, the Flying Squad zamboni broke down already! So they had to take the zamboni one from Wallace away at 10.30 a.m..

the first four each got free stick loans

the Wallace zamboni at Christie Rink

The clubhouse kitchen/skate room have finally been set up properly. Ward 18 Councillor Ana Bailao found some funds to get plumbing installed, and the rink staff went to restaurant bankruptcy sales to get sinks and shelves. Then rink friend David Rothberg donated some money to buy other kitchen equipment, and also some more skates for lending out. The staff have been working for a few weeks to get everything together. The kitchen part of the new setup is just about ready for public health inspection. It looks great (and works much better than before).

stove and sinks (and snow shovels)

loaner skates area

Ice maintenance: 4.30 pm scrape only. 7.15 pm scrape and flood both sides.

Sunday Dec.4 2011

Ice maintenance: pre-9 a.m. scrape and flood both sides. Then no more because of warm rain.

Monday December 5 2011

Ice maintenance: Rain: no ice maintenance.

Tuesday December 6 2011

Ice maintenance: There was no zamboni key for the on-site janitor/driver until just before his shift ended. Zamboni driver from Dufferin Rink was sent over at 1.45 pm, scraped both sides. At 4 pm, scrape and flood again, at 7 pm pleasure-skating pad only, at 8.30 pm, scrape and flood both sides.

Wednesday Dec.7 2011

Ice maintenance: 9 a.m. scrape only. 4 pm scrape and flood. 7 pm scrape and flood (each time both sides).

Thursday Dec.8 2011

Ice maintenance: 9 a.m scrape and flood both sides, 12 noon scrape of hockey pad only. No more ice maintenance because of warm weather.

Friday Dec.9 2011

Ice maintenance: 8 a.m. scrape and flood, three zamboni drivers. 12 noon: scrape and flood.

Schoolchildren had the day off because it was a professional development day. Except for a quiet period early in the morning, the rink was full all day long. Staff were kept busy serving food and renting skates.

Ice maintenance: 4 pm scrape and flood both sides. Then staff were told that Wallace's Zamboni would be taken away for the rest of the day, because the flying squad needed it. Returned at 7 pm for scrape and flood both sides, then again 8.15 scrape and flood.

Saturday Dec.10 2011

Ice maintenance: scrape only before 9 a.m. 11.15 a.m. scrape and flood. 3.30 pm scrape and flood with four drivers.

Ward 18 Councillor Anna Bailao had a skating party at the rink from 4-6pm. Rink patrons were treated to free coffee and Portuguese pastries next to a campfire run by rink staff. The rink wasn't as busy as on Friday, but a lot of people rented skates.

campfire beside the rink

Ward 18 Councillor Ana Bailao with special cake

Ward 18 rink lead staff Mayssan, with Santa

rink visitors chatting with Councillor Bailao

little visitor with Santa

Councillor Bailao with her staff (including Santa)

Staff sold burritos at the snackbar. Skaters seemed to like them.

Ice maintenance: The Zamboni had problems during the evening flood. The driver had to stop after a few turns around the hockey pad. For some reason the auger wasn't turning. It wasn't clear what the reason was. Foreperson came to help. 8.15 scrape and flood.

Sunday December 11 2011

Ice maintenance: Cold flood before 8 (hot water not working). 11.30 to 12.20: scrape only, because no hot water. 3.15 scrape only. 7 pm zamboni returned from flying squad. Scrape only.

shinny game December 11
Monday Dec.12 2011

Ice maintenance: 9 am scrape only -- no hot water. Zamboni taken away for flying squad, returned at 11.45. 3.15 scrape and flood both sides (hot water fixed). 8.45 scrape and flood.

Tuesday Dec.13 2011

Ice maintenance: 9 am scrape and flood, zamboni taken away for flying squad. 4pm scrape and flood, 8.20 pm scrape and flood.

Wednesday Dec.14 2011

Ice maintenance: 9 am scrape and flood,4.15 scrape and flood, two drivers. 7.30 pm scrape and flood, two drivers.

Thursday Dec.15 2011

Ice maintenance: No morning maintenance (rain). 12 noon: driver tried to get some of the water off. 4 pm: water removed. Driver had to wait until 8 pm for zamboni (came back late from flying squad), scrape and flood both sides.

Friday Dec.16 2011

Ice maintenance: No maintenance until 4.30 pm both scrape and flood both (flying squad). 8 pm scrape and flood.

Saturday Dec.17 2011

Ice maintenance: Zamboni returned from flying squad 7 pm. It took almost two hours to scrape and flood both sides because the zamboni was frozen.

Thursday Dec.22 2011

Discussion today about ice maintenance. Wallace Rink nominally has its own zamboni but in fact it's used for the flying squad. With so many years of problematic ice maintenance at Wallace Rink, the question was -- should there be complaints going in to Councillor Bailao? The consensus was that the ice itself is being pretty well maintained on most days, so complaints should wait until they're more needed.

Ice maintenance: Scrape by flying squad before 9 am. 12.15 scrape and flood (Fausto). 4.30 pm scrape and flood. 7.15 very quick scrape and flood.

Friday Dec.23 2011

From staff:

One of the 14-year-olds refused to stop playing with his puck and stick on the pleasure pad after the 12 and under shinny time started on the hockey side. He freaked out when I picked up his puck and told him I was keeping it until the zamboni was done, started cursing me and calling me a bitch and generally yelling and disrespecting me, refused to leave the ice while the zamboni was trying to get on and the other staff and I were trying to control everyone else, threatened to cause trouble and steal stuff from the rinkhouse, came out with an apple and threatened to throw it on the rink while the zamboni was going around, finally went back inside and took off his skates, came back out and said he was leaving. I gave him his puck and he stormed off calling us bitches as he walked away.

Anyways...not cool.

$40 skate aids broke after a week

There was a meeting about the broken skate aids. The City spent $400 or more on these things about a week and a half ago, and now most of them are broken. Supervisory staff had removed the chairs that people use when they're learning to skate because chairs have been designated a hazard by somebody (we don't know who). It was agreed at the meeting to bring back the chairs until the policy people get back to us with another solution.

Ice maintenance: pre-9 a.m. scrape and flood. 4 pm scrape and flood. 8 pm scrape and flood.

Saturday Dec.24 2011

Ice maintenance: 9 am scrape and flood, 12 noon scrape and flood, 4 pm scrape and flood.

Sunday Dec.25 2011

No ice maintenance.

Monday Dec. 26 2011

Ice maintenance: very cursory scrape and flood at 9 am; 2.30 scrape and flood, 5.10 pm scrape and flood.

Tuesday Dec.27 2011

Ice maintenance: pre-9 a.m. scrape and flood, then no more maintenance.

Wednesday Dec.28 2011

Ice maintenance: Pre 9 a.m. flying squad did scrape and flood, both pads. 4.30 scrape and flood, 8.30 scrape and flood.

Thursday Dec.29 2011

Ice maintenance: pre-9 am scrape and flood; 3 pm scrape on both sides; 6.45 pm scrape on both sides; 8.15 scrape on both sides.

Friday Dec.30 2011

Ice maintenance: pre 9 am scrape and flood; 12 noon scrape and flood (Fausto); 3.30 pm scrape and flood; 7.30 pm scrape and flood.

Saturday Dec.31 2011

Ice maintenance: missing record.

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