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Rink Diary January 2011

Saturday January 1, 2011

Flying squad came at 11 and just moved the nets, no ice maintenance. Rain stopped around 3 pm, but zamboni drivers did not wish to remove water so the ice was too wet to play shinny hockey until late at night.

Sunday January 2 2011

Ice Maintenance: Before 9:30am scrape and flood seemed possible, or it could have been the rain from the day before that froze over. 2:30 s.f, both rinks, 6:30 scrape and flood both rinks.

Monday January 3 2011

Ice Maintenance: No maintenance till 10.55 scrape and flood, both sides. 4.45 scrape and flood both sides, 8pm scrape and flood, both sides.

Tuesday January 4 2011

Ice Maintenance: 10am Dufferin Rink driver came to Wallace to train the Trinity CRC caretaker/new Wallace driver. Both pads were cleared of overnight snow. 4:45 scrape and flood both pads. Light snow in the afternoon, and by 7pm, the 18-and-over players had to hand-shovel the hockey rink. At 8pm the driver did a scrape and flood of the hockey side, then it started to snow, so he only did a scrape of the pleasure side.

Wednesday January 5 2011

Ice Maintenance: 11 a.m. Dufferin driver s/f both sides; 4.20 pm Wallace driver s/f both sides, 8 pm Wallace driver scraped shinny hockey side, then re-scraped shiny side and flooded it, s/f pleasure-skating side. Edger urgently needed, since the ice is rough in the corners and skaters are falling.

Thursday January 6 2011

Ice Maintenance: Am scrape? No sign of a caretaker to do ice. The afternoon was disorganized from all ends. The staff had mixed information about when ice maintenance would happen. Initially they were told it would remain on the set schedule, despite the snow fall i.e., 4:45pm and 8pm. On Thursdays Wallace has two programs, the after school group at 4:30 and the drop in shinny program at 8:30. So, a hand scrape was done of the pleasure pad for the kids, at 3pm. Shortly after, a driver arrived to scrape the rinks. He was not assigned to the rink but was asked to go to Wallace early and do multiple scrapes. He said he would come back shortly after 6 and then again around 8pm. At around 5, the ice was getting pretty snowy, so rink users and staff did a manual scrape of both pads. Half way through, the Zamboni arrived, unexpectedly. The driver scraped both pads till 6:30pm. Again at around 7pm, rink users did a manual scrape of the hockey side. The driver arrived at 7:50 and scraped till 8:15, his last assigned maintenance of the day. By the time the beginner shinny started, the hockey side was again covered in snow, that's why users hand shoveled the rink again. At this point there were 24 players eager to get a game going, which they did. A good night despite the snow.

Friday January 7 2011

Ice Maintenance: Am scrape? The caretaker assigned to maintain the ice was away sick. 4:45 scrape and flood. It seems that some driver dumped snow on the campfire area again this year. We'll have to ask the city to bring a plow over. Still, no sign of benches or a picnic table for the site, so its easy to imagine that the area is like any other. 8pm scrape and flood. Washing off the machine at end of the night was a reminder about how many times the zamboni has to cross over the pleasure pad (6 times ever time an ice maintenance is done!) just because there is no water hook up in the new garage.

Saturday January 8 2011

pre 9am zamboni (Ron) clearing snow- ran out of gas. 11h45-13h00 plow and zamboni clearing snow and scrape and flood both pads. 14h30-15h30 Luis onsite scrape and flood both pads. 16h30-17h15 Luis onsite scrape and flood both pads. 19h20-20h10 Luis onsite scrape and flood both pads

Wednesday January 12 2011

Heavy snow. Great Ice maintenance today. The rink was plowed and the resurfacer was on by 10 or 11am. Today the Trinity caretaker did the ice, and a good job. The recreation staff shoveled a fair bit of snow onto the ice from the pathway after, but didn't tell the afternoon driver to show up early. There's a fair bit of path to shovel at Wallace. In the past, the Wallace caretakers have brought a snowblower down to the rink to ease the workload. It's tricky to rely on that though, the rink is not their priority and they only works till 1 or 2pm in the afternoon and not on weekends. The rink staff came at 4:45 and did a great job taking all off all the shoveled snow, and did a scrape and flood. He said the edger was scheduled for tomorrow morning for Wallace and Campbell. The gates of the hockey side are closing with some difficulty, to shaving off a little ice should help. 8pm scrape and flood. The staff have been considering the ice build up north of the hockey pad. Its so slippery and just keeps building up every time the Zamboni gets washed off. Salt? Maybe the only solution.

Thursday January 13 2011

Ice Maintenance: No Wallace caretaker, so no early maintenance. Dufferin driver went over there around 11am to do a scrape and flood. Rink staff came around 3pm chipped ice and left. Returned at 4pm, filled scraped and flood. Return at around 7:30, scrape and flood 7:40ish, done by 8:10pmm.

Friday January 14 2011

Ice Maintenance: scrape and flood at 9am, 18h00, 20h00 (new zamboni driver's first shift at Wallace Emerson). Today we saw the rink supervisor make a staff change that meant having a regular zamboni driver Thursday to Sunday nights at Wallace! Great! Also today is the first day of initiating a new maintenance schedule. Finally after many many years of trying we've got 4 scheduled every day Monday to Friday, 5 (!) on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. Weekday day time operator still needs figuring out...

Saturday January 15 2011

Ice Maintenance: Pre 9am, 12:30pm plow and zamboni, 3:30 s./f, 6:30pm s/f, 8pm s/f. The new driver is still trying to get the hang of doing the ice. He's driving pretty slow for now. When we went over tonight, we saw that the augur had jammed up and wasn't scraping, just flooding. Other drivers would get off the machine mid ice, and poke the snow off. Work arounds that will need to be learned. We also noticed that he wasn't driving closer than a foot or two from the edge of the pleasure bad. New drivers will often hesitate to get too close. The recreation staff chatted about this and agreed to have a pylon placed a little further away so that he could readjust sight lines and get in closer. More rink guards keeping people clear will also help. We'll see how it works tomorrow. He said that fleet services that signed off on his license never mentioned maintaining ice without boards. He was going to check in with them about this. The fact is that many of Toronto's rinks are fence-less. That's part of the beauty of these rinks, that you can get to them when ever you want to, pond-style skating.

Sunday January 16 2011

Ice Maintenance:

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