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Rink Diary 2010 - 2011

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Thursday October 28, 2010, from Jutta Mason to general supervisor John Abela

I note that the Wallace zamboni garage has not been assembled yet -- I believe you were hoping it would have been done last week -- any news?

Also, two benches from the center section are still lying loose on the rink. The best thing would be if your staff could speak with the rink program staff (cc'd here) because I believe they might prefer to have the benches installed in a better spot than where they were.

Wallace Rink Garage Markings

Wallace Rink Loose Benches
Tuesday November 9 2010, to rink supervisor Darrell Vossen, from Jutta Mason

When I got back from Indiana last Thursday I was happy to see the garage frame up at Wallace -- however no work has been done on it since then. Just keeping you posted -- countdown is 14 workdays left until ice-making begins....

November 4 2010

November 9 2010

Nov.12 first wall panel goes up

Nov.13 more wall panels

Nov.13 Mike loads BMX ramps off rink pad

Nov.21 shell appears complete

Nov.21 trucks still on pad

Nov.21 -- trash leading up to rink stairs
Monday November 29 2010

Weather: high 6, low -3. Sun and cloud.

Compressors turned on.

Tuesday November 30, 2010

Weather: high 11, low 4, periods of heavy rain. Ice forming.

Wednesday Dec.1 2010

Weather: overnight low 5, then dropping to -1. Thick ice on pad, kids skating before any hand-floods. Night shift in to flood rink.

lots of ice because of Nov.30 rain

good ice on hockey rink too

BMX scraps not removed yet

players' boxes still nailed shut, scuffs in fibreglass boards
Thursday Dec.2 2010

Weather: high 2, low -3. Mostly cloudy.

The ice is just fine, kids skating on it all evening. Councillor Bailao's assistant tried to get the lights turned on in the evening but no luck.

E-mail to Michael Vieira, assistant to Councillor Ana Bailao:

Wallace and Campbell rinks both have very good ice (according to the rink program staff, who skated it), but the lights were not turned on. At Wallace there were people skating in the dark on both the hockey side and the pleasure-skating side, which has no fence.

The city plans to have the rink pads open but unstaffed during the upcoming stat holidays. Why not now?

Could you ask the councillor to try and see if she can influence park staff to get the rink lights set to their winter timers and the hockey nets (which have been removed) returned to these rinks tomorrow (Friday)?

Thank you. By the way, the lights at Christie Rink, just over in the next ward, were on.

Friday Dec.3 2010

Response from Michael Vieira, assistant to City Councillor Ana Bailao

I will take care of this as soon as possible.

I will also give Ana a briefing on the matter.

hopeful shinny players at dusk

brand new zamboni

But it didn't work. The ice was very good but no lights were turned, on. At 4.45 the rink staff were running the zamboni around the rink in the dark. Then the driver drove the zamboni along the path to Dufferin Street, made a left turn across the traffic right onto the street, made another left turn across the traffic, back into the laneway north of the community centre, and drove the zamboni along until he got to the trailer. They had to take the zamboni away because nobody knows how to work the garage door of the brand new zamboni garage.

I asked the drivers (two of them) if their supervisor had mentioned to them that Councillor Bailao wanted the lights turned on. They said "I don't know." This is the current game -- to respond to any question I ask with "I don't know." But no lights were turned on -- although they let the guys get on the dark ice and didn't try to lock the hockey door.

playing shinny in the dark

zamboni flooded ice in the dark
Saturday Dec.4 2010

Today, opening day, at 4:30pm: no lights at Wallace or Campbell Rinks.

Apparently the rinks supervisor was off duty (on the first day when all rinks across the city were scheduled to open) and staff did not know who to contact. Eventually they reached a foreperson, who said it was probably a mechanical issue and he was in the middle of another problem.

Staff called the recreation supervisor who said he'd call the on-call recreation supervisor, who then called me back and said he'd called someone from tech services who would send someone by to try and turn on the lights.

Wallace Rink's lights came on at 5pm.

Sunday Dce.5 2010

Zamboni driver arrived to do ice at 3.45, was asked to wait until scheduled maintenance time at 5 pm. Took one hour to scrape and flood both sides, 5 to 6 pm. S/f shinny side again at 8 pm.

Letter from Michael Vieira, assistant to Councillor Ana Bailao, Monday Dec. 6, 2010:

I called the Parks supervisor directly on Friday and as you requested, I asked to have the lights turned on. The supervisor I spoke to told me that he would be unable to do so because the rinks would only be open on Saturday and that there was no staff to supervise the rinks until then. In response to his comment, I told him that since the city in planning on having the ice rinks unstaffed for the upcoming stat holidays, why not now...? We kept on going in circles and in the end he said he wouldn't turn them on.

Monday Dec.6 2010

Ice maintenance

11:00-11:30 both sides scrape
2:15-3:00 hand shoveling hockey pad
4:45-5.55 both sides scrape and flood
7:30-8:00 scrape both sides

Permit at 8:30 didn't show

Tuesday Dec.7, 2010

Ice maintenance

10:30-11:15, scrape both sides, a thorough job
4:30 - 5:40 Zamboni driver tried for a long time to defrost the auger (note: garage still without a heater, and without any electricity, even to open the garage door), went on the ice anyhow to scrape at first the pleasure side then the hockey side. After that at 5:30 the auger was finally thawed, then he went again on to flood the hockey side.
8-8:30 scrape and flood both sides

There were 9 kids and 2 parents on the ice for the '12 and under' time.

Wednesday Dec.8 2010

Ice maintenance

10.30am - scrape

3.45pm - operator thawed zamboni in case it took a long time. was ready by 4 so he started early. 4-4.20 scraped both pads. towel flood shinny side only

6pm - city truck back again working on garage door

8-830pm - two zamboni drivers. Scraped and flooded both pads. Zamboni parked in garage - hurray! but garage door is still not fully functional.

Thursday Dec.9 2010

Ice maintenance

s/f 10.30 by the daytime Dufferin Rink operator

evening shift: there was one operator on duty, seems like he was assigned to the rink in particular, was not part of the flying crew that came to Campbell Rink. He said he had been given a schedule, though recreation staff said they haven't heard back from the supervisor as to whether or not the proposed community schedule was accepted, or had the requested meeting about ice maintenance procedure at Wallace.

-3:45pm - operator on site, s/f pleasure-skating side, washed, filled, waited for 15 minutes, then s/f hockey pad at 4:45pm, according to the scheduled time, then washed out and parked in front of the garage

-7pm - operator on site, filled, s/f pleasure-skating side, washed, filled, waited for 15 minutes, then s/f hockey pad at 8pm, according to the scheduled time, then washed out. A second staff arrived just after 8pm to help open the garage door - there is still no electricity, no lights, no heaters, just an empty shell. The door needs to be opened manually, propped with a large wooden 2x4, then closed manually with the zamboni parked inside overnight.

Friday Dec.10 2010

Ice maintenance: 11 a.m. s/f both sides; 4.45 - 5.15 s/f; 8 to 8.20 s/f.

Saturday Dec.11 2010

garbage pickup overdue

pre-9am flood both 4pm - (according to the schedule) zamboni was in the garage, took two operators to open the door to get it in and out. 4.45 - 5.15 s/f both, hockey pad first

7pm - half an hour ahead of schedule, so that maintenance interrupted 18+ - zamboni was in the garage, took two operators to open the door to get it in and out. s/f both, hockey pad first, zamboni put back in the garage for the night.

Sunday December 12, 2010

Ice maintenance

am - zamboni staff on site - no zamboni sighting.

Rec staff removed nets of ice and open hockey gates to promote drainage 1:30pm rec staff facilitate rain water removal with green shovel. Campfire cancelled - rain
1-3pm rec. staff facilitate rain water removal with brooms on pleasure-skating side, and then used a hose to remove extra water on shinny-hockey side taking breaks to deep clean rink
Around 4pm rain water removal with hose again
4:45 rink supervisor said the zamboni would head over to Wallace by 5:15
5:30 zamboni staff told rec. staff that they should not have removed water and that there was no need to take water off the ice or do a scrape as the water is good to freeze in and cover gaps in the ice

Tuesday Dec 14 2010 (snowy day)

electricians' truck behind zamboni

garage door propped open with a piece of wood

zamboni all frozen up

The electricians came and started work on getting power to the new garage. It was very cold, and snowing heavily as they went up in the cherry picker, and laid out the cold wires. The garage was propped open with a piece of wood, and there was no sign of any electrical garage-opening mechanism. The electrician said that he had to take the power from an unused water heater switch -- everything else was taken on the panel, no room for one more thing. The workers hope to be done by the end of the week -- they say they can never remember being as far behind as they are this year.

Meantime the zamboni is frozen up since there's no heater for it. On the afternoon shift, the zamboni driver crossed himself, perhaps humorously, before he took out the piece of wood that was holding the garage door, and let the door drop down. Thud.

In the evening, City Councillor Ana Bailao and her assistant came to a DigIn meeting at the community centre, where the rink and its problems were discussed at some length.

Ice maintenance: 11.30 scrape on pleasure-skating side. 1 pm scrape both sides. 3.30 - 5.30 scraped shinny side, then pleasure=skating side, then shinny side again.

Wednesday Dec.15 2010

The zamboni driver appears to have lost patience with washing out/thawing the zamboni, and today only scraped -- no floods at all!

First delay was no zamboni key on site - took an hour to track it down. Then scrape at both sides at 11.30; again at 4.45. Scrape of hockey side only at 7.45.

Dec,15 2010, e-mail from Jutta Mason to general supervisor (Tech Services) John Abela, cc Councillor Ana Bailao

I had a chance to look inside the Wallace zamboni garage yesterday, and I couldn't see any electric door mechanism on it. What are your plans for people to open and close the garage door?

The electricians finally started the work of hooking up the power -- does that mean we'll soon get a heater for the zamboni?

Thursday Dec.16 2010

School groups came early morning - just as they were lacing up their skates, the zamboni driver scraped the hockey side (10.30a.m.).

The kids went right on the hockey side as he finished doing the pleasure-skating side. Then the kids moved over and had a great time.

Sample census: at 2pm there were 25 skaters in total on both pads.

The problem today was that the key went missing for the zamboni. All day the zamboni was parked, still there at 9 pm. Because it snowed off and on, that meant staff and rink users cleared the snow off the ice themselves, with the big rink shovels.

Friday Dec.17 2010

At almost noon, a borrowed zamboni arrives

A pre-booked school group arrived in late morning but the ice had not yet been scraped. At 11.45, just as the kids went out onto the snowy ice, a zamboni arrived and they all had to get off again. The reason the ice had not been done is that the zamboni keys are still lost and the zamboni was towed back to the central garage. Somebody said a new key is "on order"...?

Key are easier to lose when they're passed around among a lot of staff. Wallace was supposed to have its own zamboni and its own driver assigned this year, like ALl the other double-pad city rinks. One of the building caretakers took his training, but he's not been allowed to operate the zamboni. Some staff said that's because he's a CUPE Local 79 staff and Local 416 will file a grievance. But he's not Local 79, he's Local 416. Somebody downtown said that Human Resources has been asked to find a zamboni driver for Wallace. Two weeks after the rinks opened, still looking for staff? I've called Councillor Ana Bailao's office to request a follow-up. School holidays begin today, the rinks are already full of kids....and no reliable ice maintenance.

At 6pm there were 24 pleasure skaters, 19 hockey players and 10 people inside. Both pads were resurfaced at 6.15 (scrape and flood) by the flying squad, still no key...

The good news is that the electricians have got the Wallace garage connected now, so there's light in there and power for the little 4800-watt box heater that's meant to keep the pipes thawed.

Saturday Dec.18 2010

The zamboni is back but apparently it's blown a fuse and so the brushes to do the edges don't work, neither do the lights.

Ice maintenance: Flying squad in the morning (time?); 3.30 - 4.30 scrape and flood of both pads; 7.30 scrape and flood of both sides.

Sunday Dec.19 2010

The ice was done before 9 a.m. (maybe by the flying squad?) and then the snow accumulated until it was done again around 1. The zamboni driver appears to have worked a double shift (he came to the rink both morning and evening), although during the mid-day, as he was cleaning the ice, two other staff were sitting in the truck. Another staff (maybe a mechanic?) came around 1.30 and must have fixed the fuse problem, because for the 2 pm ice cleaning the brushes worked again.

Then scrape and flood at 6.30, both sides.

Monday Dec.20 2010

Ice maintenance: 10.30 they couldn't find the zamboni key. Then it was found. 11.30 scrape only, both sides. 4.30 scrape and flood both; 7.30 scrape and flood both sides. The driver often leaves the hockey gates open when he's done, which is frustrating for the players.

Tuesday Dec.21 2010

The Wallace Zamboni has been removed to make ice for Trinity's Toronto Maple Leafs opening tomorrow. The ice at Wallace Rink is packed with skaters and very rough.

3.45 pm: the Wallace Zamboni was returned, a scrape and flood were done,. and then the zamboni was removed again.

Wednesday December 22 2010

Ice Maintenance: only one scrape and flood at 3 pm. Many complaints.

Thursday December 23 2010

Ice Maintenance: 10.45 scrape and flood both sides; 4.50 scrape only, because the zamboni has a broken part and puts too much water on the ice. 8 pm scrape only.

Friday December 24 2010

Ice Maintenance: 10.45 scrape and flood both sides. At 11.45 the mechanics came to fix the zamboni but nobody had the garage key. At 12.24 a garage key was delivered, and the mechanics fixed the machine.

Saturday December 25 2010

Ice Maintenance: none.

Sunday Dec. 26 2010

Ice Maintenance: scrape and flood finished at 9 a.m. although the city schedule said the operators would be working from 10 until 6 on Boxing Day. Scrape and flood again at 3.15. Zamboni driver went on the ice without waiting for the rink guards; disagreement about the need to keep to an agreed schedule.

Monday Dec.27 2010

Ice Maintenance: scrape and flood both sides finished at 11.20. 3.30 two zamboni drivers came. s/f both sides. 7.30 two drivers again -- s/f both sides.

Tuesday Dec.28 2010

Ice Maintenance: 11 a.m. scrape and flood; 3.30 scrape and flood (double flood of the shinny pad -- the water took longer to set at the hollows around the nets, so the west net got stuck in the ice); 7.15 pm scrape only.

Wednesday Dec.29 2010

Ice Maintenance: s/f before 10 a.m.; 4 pm s/f; 7 pm s/f.

Thursday Dec.30 2010

Ice Maintenance: 10:45am- 11:25am - Dufferin Rink zamboni driver: s/f 6-6:45pm - Dufferin Rink zamboni driver: s/f both 7pm - flying squad came by, left without doing anything (said it was too warm)

Friday December 31, 2010

Ice Maintenance: 11 to 11.30 -- s/f; 2.45 scrape only.

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