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Rink Diary February 2010

Monday February 1, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre10am s/f both, 12:45pm parked zamboni on site, 1:30pm-1:50pm scrape both, 5:15pm-6:15pm s/f both pads - by Dufferin's rink operator

7:35pm s/f hockey (auger jammed partway through, it had to be washed), fast scrape pleasure, left with zamboni - flying squad crew, rec staff heard from foreperson that they've heard nothing about updates to maintenance schedule at Wallace. that maintenance would be done at times by flying crew, or Dufferin rink operator, or "floating" operator as is available.

Tuesday February 2, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 10am (not sure if scrape or flood), 12:30pm zamboni dropped off, 1:20pm-1:40pm scrape both, 5pm-6pm scrape both (auger jammed partway through), 7-7:45pm scrape both (auger jammed partway through)

Wednesday February 3, 2010

Ice maintenance: Pre 9am, scrape maybe with plow but over night snow removed, zamboni left on site. Operator came at 10.30 to scrape but ice was in good condition, and zamboni was stuck in the snow where it was parked. Zamboni was dislodged and parked closer to hockey gates. 1-1:30 scrape , 7pm scrape and flood both sides

Thursday February 4, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 9-am scrape, 12.40-12.50 scrape, zamboni on site till 3pm. 7.40 -55 scrape and flood

Friday February 5, 2010

Ice maintenance: 10:15 scrape, 1pm scrape, 6:45-7.20 flood and scrape, zamboni left on site around 2pm and taken back at 7:20

Saturday February 6, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre9am s/f, 11:40am s/f 6pm operator on site, no key, had to coordinate getting the key around 7pm began s/f both, at some point a piece of a valve near the fill up point fell of, so that some figuring out.

Sunday February 7, 2010

Ice maintenance: Pre 9am s/f, 11:30 scrape only, 4.50-5.15 scrape only

Number samples 2:20 pm: 28 hockey players (3 with helmets), 64 pleasure-skaters (20 with helmets), 28 inside.
4pm: 16 hockey players (2 with helmets), 35 pleasure-skaters (2 with helmets), 38 inside the building.

Monday February 8, 2010

Ice maintenance: Pre 9am, zamboni on site, 1:34 scrape, 6.45 scrape and flood both

Number samples 10am: 0 shinny player, 2 pleasure-skaters, 1 inside.
12pm 8 shinny players, 1 pleasure-skaters, 2 inside.
1pm 8 shinny players, 3 pleasure-skaters (1 with helmet), 8 inside.
2pm 12 shinny players, 2 pleasure-skaters, 4 inside.
3:45 13 shinny players, 1 pleasure-skater, 2 inside.
7pm 10 shinny players (3 with helmet), 1 pleasure-skater, 14 inside.
8:30 15 shinny players (4 with helmets), 9 pleasure-skaters, 10 inside.

Tuesday February 9, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre10am s/f hockey side, scrape pleasure-skating side, 1:20pm scrape both sides by Dufferin Rink driver, 3:45pm scrape both sides, operator said he'd be back at 5:45pm and 7:45pm, 5:45pm-6:15pm s/f hockey side, scrape pleasure-skating side, 7:25pm-8pm s/f both sides

Number sample 8pm: 23 hockey players, (7 with helmets), 11 pleasure-skaters (4 with helmets), 4 inside

Wednesday February 10, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 9am - some maintenance, 11am - plough truck to move snow from hockey gate, 11:30 - scrape hockey side, 12 - scrape pleasure skating side, the Dufferin Rink zamboni driver came, but the other crew was in the middle of maintenance, so he went back to Dufferin Rink. 3:30 - scrape, 6:00-6:20 - scrape hockey side (not necessary on pleasure-skating side), 7:30-8:15 - s and f hockey, scrape pleasure-skating side, (two guys (probably flying squad) arrived at 8 to retrieve zamboni)

Thursday February 11, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 10am scrape, zamboni on site, 12:30pm scrape both sides, 3pm crew on site, parks staff and rec staff decided it didn't need maintenance, 5:30pm scrape pleasure-skating side, s/f hockey side 7:45pm s/f both sides.

Friday February 12, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre10am scrape, zamboni on site, 1:30pm scrape, 4pm - operator and rec staff decided s/f together, 7pm s/f

Saturday February 13, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 10am scrape, 11:30-12:10am scrape, 2:45-3:20 scrape, 5.30 s both sides, 7.45pm s/f

Sunday February 14, 2010

Ice maintenance: 9am s/f both sides, 3:40-4pm scrape both sides, 6-6:40 s/f both sides.

Monday February 15, 2010

Ice maintenance: 2:40pm - scrape - operator said that he thought it had been done already, which it hadn't, and that he'd be back around 4pm. He came into the building to speak with rec staff specifically and asked what maintenance they thought the ice needed, which was a welcome change. 3:50pm - s/f both pads. one skater said it was a bad flood, the operator said he'd been given a small tank of water because it was a holiday so there were shorter hours - did he not have a key so that he could fill the tank himself?

Numbers samples 4:30pm 31 hockey players (6 with helmets), 63 pleasure- skaters (9 with helmets), 26 inside
7pm 12 hockey players (1 with helmet), 29 pleasure-skaters (4 with helmets), 19 inside

Tuesday February 16, 2010

Ice maintenance: At 11:30am - driver came and said that the zamboni was broken so the ice hadn't been done yet today. Then he scraped this ice with the broken zamboni and left with it.

1:30pm The Dufferin operator came to Wallace to do the ice, because he hadn't been told that there was no zamboni to use. He called his supervisor who told him to go home.
6pm s/f both by the flying squad

Wednesday February 17, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 10am scrape, zamboni left on site all day. Message that flying crew is delayed but is maintaining. 10-12pm snowfall, ice is snow covered, 12pm zamboni arrives (driver from Dufferin Rink), scrapes till 12.30 both pads, 12pm onwards, snowfall, ice is snow covered. 1pm 1/3 of hockey side scraped by hand 3:30 zamboni driver arrives. Begins to scrape pleasure-skating pad but augur freezes. No key to compressor room, zamboni driver and rec staff and players begin manual scrape of pleasure pad till half is done, At 5:15 the foreperson arrives with compressor room key. The zamboni scrapes both sides, zamboni is left on site. 7.30-8pm zamboni scrape and flood both hockey and pleasure-skating sides.

Thursday February 18, 2010

Seems the zamboni has been repaired - it's being left on site again, and the Dufferin Rink operator is traveling up the street five minutes to do the extra mid morning scrape.

Ice maintenance: pre10am scrape both, zamboni left on site 12:45pm scrape both sides, by Dufferin Rink operator 3:30pm scrape both sides, 7pm s/f both

Friday February 19, 2010

Ice maintenance: 9:50am s/f both, zamboni left on site 1:20pm scrape both sides by Dufferin Rink operator, 4pm scrape both sides - slushy on north of hockey side, so avoided that area 6:30pm s/f both sides

Saturday February 20, 2010

Ice maintenance: 9am s/f both sides, 11:45am scrape both sides, 2pm s/f hockey side, scrape pleasure-skating side, 5:45pm scrape both sides, 7pm s/f hockey side, scrape of pleasure-skating side

Sunday February 21, 2010

Ice maintenance: 7:30 am scrape and flood both sides 11:30am scrape only both sides, (nets were taken off the ice at this time) 1:30pm gates to hockey side locked pleasure-skating pad only (on site staff) 2:30 - 3pm scrape pleasure-skating side only, driver in agreement to keep hockey side closed, 5:30- 6pm scrape pleasure-skating side only, 7 - 7:45 scrape and flood pleasure-skating side, 8 - 9pm extensive scrape and flood on the hockey side, hockey side locked for the night.

Tuesday February 23, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 10:00am scrape both sides - looks like maybe the hockey pad was flooded too, 1:30pm scrape both sides 4 - 5pm and 7-7:30 scrape both sides

Wednesday Feb.24, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 10am scrape both sides, 11:30-12 scrape both sides, 3 pm the zamboni driver came, but the ice hasn't been used much so he left again, with the agreement of on-site staff. 4:50-5:30pm, scrape and flood both sides in anticipation of coming snow; 7:20-7:50 scrape both sides.

During the 12-and-under shinny hockey time two frequent troublemakers, both 16, went on the ice with their 12-year-old cousins. When asked by staff to get off, they took 25 minutes to do it. They ridiculed the staff, who told them they can't come back until Sunday. But the youth wouldn't leave. The staff called Corporate Security, who came 40 minutes later. By that time the two 16-year-olds had already gone back on the ice, in the 18-and-over time. The Corporate Security staff got them back into the changeroom to talk, but that was difficult, since almost everyone in the changeroom wanted to get involved in the argument.

One of the youth's uncles said that the staff were not really working for the city, that in this area is almost nothing offered for kids, etc. etc. So now the kids are verbally banned (not trespassed) until Sunday, and if they come back the police can get involved.

Thursday February 25, 2010

Ice maintenance: Early am maintenance, ice in good condition 9.55 am scrape both sides, zamboni is left on site, 1:50 scrape both sides, 4-4.20 scrape - no flood because of snow, 7-7.30 scrape, 8pm ice in good condition for program

Friday February 26, 2010

Ice maintenance: 10 am scrape, some accumulation by 11am zamboni on site. Plow on site 11am to plow path up to Dufferin st. 4:50 to 5:45 long scrape, 6:30 plow path up to Dufferin st. zamboni on site.

Sunday February 28, 2010

Ice maintenance: 8:30 am scrape and flood both sides (info from skaters on site when staff arrived), 12pm: zamboni staff came by, to sunny ice too soft pleasure side, too thin hockey side, did not go on, 2:45 zamboni staff came by, ice very bad nothing they could do (informed at this time that staff would only be working till 6pm and they would come by to pick up the machine later)


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