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List of Unfenced Rinks

Midnight Shinny

Midnight hockey needs a few strategic rinks (e.g. High Park) where night shift workers wanting to play can be redirected, away from rinks located near houses. But High Park Rink is kept locked at night.

Rennie sometimes has midnight shinny Many players say that when the hockey side is unlocked, it's one of the best late night games found in west end...

Harry Gairey sometimes keeps the hockey side unlocked.

Still - Shinny players can make most icy surfaces work (boots or hockey bags for goalposts) so here are some ideas from rink users: The pleasure-skating pads at Rennie and Harry Gairey can never be locked. Wallace Rink leaves the hockey rink unlocked and the pleasure-skating side has no fence. Ryerson is a fun option (shinny between the rocks), and then there are all the civic centers (City Hall, Scarborough Civic, and Mel Lastman). City Hall has a very good game after the rink closes at 10 pm -- shinny goes on by the light of the hotel across the street. Sherbourne Common Rink is unfenced and available, if you don't mind the cold wind from the lake. The same goes for Harbourfront's Natrel Rink.

In the north, there are Ledbury and Pleasantview, both of which are unfenced. In the west there are minor rinks, which are unsupervised always, and mostly left unlocked. These are Buttonwood, Rivercrest, Royalcrest, Summerlea, Valleyfield, Westgrove, and Westway.

Stay away from Ramsden and Greenwood Rink after midnight. The proximity of these rinks to the neighbors makes for many sleepless nights and lots of upset emails.

Early Morning Pleasure Skating

Rinks with no fencing are accessible always.

The list we have is : Colonel Sam Smith , Rennie, Mel Lastman, Scarborough Civic Center Rink, College Park, City Hall Rink, Harry Gairey, Ryerson, Sherbourne Common, Wallace Emerson, Joseph Bannon , Valleyfield, Ledbury, Pleasantview,

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