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2009 - 2010

Dec.5 2009

10.15 a.m.: ice judged too thin in places

In the morning the rink was closed, because the ice was thin in places. At 6.30 pm the rink gate was open although the change house was locked and no staff were there. The rink had two pleasure-skaters on it.

Tuesday December 8 2009

The ice is fine now, and mid-day there were six guys playing hockey. The building attendant said that this year there are rink guards only during pleasure-skating time. He also said that the water has not been on in the rink house, and so no one can use the toilets. People did use the toilets before they realized they couldn't flush. He was hoping the plumbers would fix the water soon, before the building starts to smell too badly.

good ice now

HyMy the labyrinth painter was here -- this rink has three!
Tuesday December 22 2009

nine happy shinny players

The ice looked good, the shinny hockey players looked really happy, but the building attendant looked a bit worried. Apparently the plumbing had just finally been fixed that morning, and now he would have to clean up the mess -- a daunting prospect.

Wednesday Dec.30 2009

Numbers at 2 pm: 9 pleasure-skaters; 6 shinny hockey players, just leaving. Staff: one building attendant and one rink coordinator.

The rink coordinator was just putting up a poster asking people not to bring pucks and sticks onto the ice during pleasure-skating time. Since the pleasure-skating time was from 11.30 to 4 pm and six youth with hockey sticks were just leaving, it seems likely that the poster may have been directed at them.

The coordinator said that this rink changehouse would close at 4 pm on New Year's Eve and be closed all New Year's Day.

Sunday January 17, 2010

At 3.40 there were 10 pleasure skaters on the ice, and two more sitting inside the change area. The office had a garbage bag taped over the glass in the door, so it wasn't clear if anyone was there. A knock got the door unlocked from inside, and the two rink staff said it was okay to put up a baseball poster and a rink poster. The indoor poster that I had put up a few weeks ago had been removed, so I taped up both posters on the empty outdoor bulletin board.

Monday Feb.1 2010

Sample numbers, at 2.50 pm: there were 14 shinny players on the rink, 1 wearing a helmet, playing a lively game. Two more were arriving. The change room was locked. A new locked glass bulletin board had been put up, which displayed everything every notice that was there before (also the ombudsman poster).

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