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Gore Vale south of Dundas St. Single pad. Parking along Gore Vale Avenue. Phone: 416-392-0912

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2003 - 2004

Trinity Rink

Dec.20, 2003: Trinity rink at 12.30 Saturday: sunny and cold. Ice is being maintained solely by the truck-plow and manual hosing, in Montreal style. Rink staff say they have one green ice shovel but they don't use it to shovel off the ice, nor do they encourage the skaters to use it. Also there are a lot of gang tags on the rink house door and graffiti on the outside walls, and no sign that says "rink change area" -- strangers wouldn't know.

Dec.27, 2003: 4.50 p.m. Ice very good, apparently was just done for the second time that day. Lots of people playing shinny hockey. No printed schedules available to take home. The rink rec staff had no idea who was the rec staff supervisor during the holidays. So they didn't know who to call if they had a problem. Rink house doors still with the same graffiti on them. Still no signs identifying change area. Also, the rink house is located far from the rink and there are no rubber mats outside at all. There is only a long concrete walkway that's been painted green. That's why most skaters change their skates near the rink. But there are only a few benches put out there.

End of January, 2004: two additional natural ice rinks set up beside the articificial ice rink surface. Flooded by people in the neighbourhood.

Feb. 9, 2004: Rink user says there are sometimes young people drinking and smoking and swearing in the rink house. She says most families with kids don't go on there. However she says on the rink the hockey is good, especially for teenagers.

Trinity Rinkhouse

The graffiti was eventually removed from the door, but no signs were put up.

Feb.18, 2004: graffiti removed from doors. Still no sign indicating rink house and no rubber mats. Staff are friendly to young teens -- a good atmosphere for them.

Feb.28, 2004: Unseasonably warm. A user writes: "The rink at Trinity-Bellwoods was pretty chewed up by the time they closed it down mid afternoon. Yet last night the weather was perfect for skating - it was cold enough and the ice was hard, except that it was a mess and unskateable. I contacted city staff about it this morning and I hope that they will close it between 11 and 5, and then open it for the evening."

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