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wood stove at Dufferin



No rink this year either. Must have been a one-year wonder.

Rink Diary 2013

January 8 2013

3 pm 3 celsius -- ice not mushy

large sand patches where water flowed away

"Sky dome" sign

city vehicle helped with rink levelling
January 20, 2013

In the evening there were signs of reflooding of the natural rink area. Because the rink is surfaced with hazemat from baseball season, there's a lot of porous sand to freeze.

January 23, 2013

January 23: the ice is back, and even better

it fills the baseball diamond
January 26, 2013, from the Friends of Trinity e-mail list

The Trinity Bellwoods Park natural ice rink 2013 is ready to use for skating now! Whoo hooo! And to think it might not have happen with the way this weather was going....but 'team hoser' never gives up. This is so cool - pun intended ;-) Huge thank you to 'team hoser' for getting right on it during this cold snap. The lights will be on for when it's dark too - thank you Parks. note: if it gets warm, it will not be good for skating. You'll just have to check it out first. So, get on those skates people and enjoy some time on the kinda rink we grew up on. Nice. Located at the most northern baseball diamond, just past the 'unnatural' rink.

January 28 2013, from Anna Hill

lively Trinity natural ice rink, Sunday Jan.27

Can pleasure skaters, young shinny players, a baby-in-a-sled, three-year olds with "skate coaches" and dogs all co-exist on one rink? There were a few hours last Sunday morning when it all worked out on the new natural ice rink at Trinity Bellwoods, courtesy of Team Hoser. Visit the north baseball diamond whenever it's below 0 and give it a whirl.

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