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Monday Dec.30, 2013

the first smoke coming out of the stack, a good sign

The rink reopened today.

It was marked as "closed -- no water or heat" on the city's website since Christmas Eve, although the ice storm took their power out in the early morning of Dec.22. The power to that neighbourhood was restored on Boxing Day. There were trucks outside the building around 1 pm today, and in the afternoon the rink re-opened.

The signage was an adaptation of other signs meant for other uses. What would it take to run up a sign on a park computer saying: "this building lost power on Dec.22 and has been winterized to prevent the water pipes from freezing. It will take between two and four days to bring the rink back into service after the power is restored. Call 311 for updates."

But no such sign was there. And 311 doesn't give more information than "open" or "closed" anyway.

the ice conditions were not the main problem

stating the obvious with no information

Saturday Nov.23, 2013

At 1pm, Sunnydale had an empty parking lot, no one in the building and no one on the ice. The ice maintenance staff was just about to go on the ice, its been snow squalls on and off all day long. The ice seemed to be there, not very thick, but might be good for a skate. No opening day signs anywhere visible outside of the building.

no signs saying the rink opens today

good ice on the rink

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