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Sunday Nov.25, 2012 (entry by Jutta)

Nov.25 12 noon: ice is coming along

This rink was supposed to be open yesterday, but even though it was still closed, it was a nice surprise to see it in such good shape. The foreperson even speculated that the rink might be able to open this evening. Never in all the years since this rink was on the "early" list did it look this good -- only one day late.

There was a bit if back-and-forth about why the ice wasn't ready on time, with the usual "we had bad luck with the weather" rationale. The foreperson said they had been flooding between 6pm and 2 am (which is better than daytime floods) but again, only since Wednesday. He said, "you have to admit we're doing better than we've ever done," and I said, "no you're not. You should have started the ice earlier in the week and flooded overnight."

But he was right, they have improved a lot. Yes, all the rinks should return to flooding overnight during start-up. It's the "industry standard." But on the other hand -- Sunnydale is ahead of where it was in the last few years, by a country mile.

It was sad to see on the city's website that Sunnydale never did open today. But maybe tomorrow. And I wish I could show them our 6-minute video. How good the ice is depends on the amount of water you put down during the dark hours....

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