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2011 - 2012

Dec.4 2011

Late afternoon: Rubber mats are out. New boards all around the rink -- it looks finished, but no sign of ice-making. No staff on site. The change room doors are full of graffiti. Inside the change rooms are full of paint supplies. No sign of any work actually having started inside.

new boards

view through the locked front doors
Dec.10 2011

The city's website said this rink was planned to open for the season today, but at 10.30 this morning it was still listed as closed.

According to this youtube video of MLSE "Team Up" crew, these projects are called "rink builds," although of course the rink was already there. Sunnydale Rink was completely repainted inside two years ago. It opened late that year, too, because of unfinished capital projects "state of good repair" work: RinkDiary2009-2010.

The new rink boards look very good, and so does the new rubber flooring. There was a certain amount of duplication, as well: the MLSE crew repainted the inside again last week, and rebuilt the existing staff desk.

Wednesday January 4 2011

This was the day of the official rink opening and the Toronto Maple Leafs' outdoor practice: MLSE "Team Up" videos. The press release says there were thousands of fans, another one says "hundreds" -- and Mayor Rob Ford was there too, as well as Councilor Doug Ford.

Lots of speeches, including one good one promoting the joy of pick-up shinny hockey -- will there be more of it at Sunnydale now?

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