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2009 - 2010

Monday November 16th, 2009

This rink is scheduled to open on the 21st of November. At around 2 pm there were a bunch of staff, workers, and management at the rink. Parks crews said that they were hoping to start cleaning the pad and making ice but that they couldnít get access to the building because of the maintenance. The general sense was that it would be unlikely that the rink would open on time. Management type people on the roof (that also looked like it was being redone) said that opening would be weather-dependent.

Friday November 20th, 2009

This rink will not be opening on schedule. There is little to no water on the surface and the compressors are clearly not on. Building still under construction, and is not accessible.

Tuesday November 24 2009

no ice


old heater

mats still rolled up

roofing supplies

dumpster for the old stuf

tarring machine for the roof

On this visit, there were no rink staff around, but the workers said it would be a week or two before the work was done and ice-making could begin. Inside the rink building, a worker was laying a new floor. Two others were installing a new heating system, but the roofers were not there because of the drizzle -- roofers don't work in the rain.


Nov.27 2009: cityrinks was cc'd on an email from Mary Battaglia, Parks Operations Supervisor Wards 3 & 5, to City Councillor Rob Ford:
  1. Sunnydale Rink was one of four rinks identified for early opening on November 21st in the Etobicoke York District
  2. This rink had a Capital Project wrapping up and the compressors could not be started until Health & Safety requirements were met
  3. Capital work has been completed this week, the compressors are on and flooding to install ice has been started
  4. Depending on weather conditions, it is hoped that this facility will open early next week
  5. Since November 20th, updates have been provided to the 3-1-1 contact centre and shared with recreation staff
Wednesday Dec.2 2009, 1 pm

This rink looks in great shape -- beautiful ice, fresh paint in the changeroom, staff on site, all the construction rubble cleared away -- but it's not open. (It was supposed to open on Nov.21).

Despite Ms.Battaglia's e-mail, the ice maintenance staff person says the rink won't open until Dec.5, along with all the other city rinks. However the 311 line says it will open when construction is done.

excellent ice

changeroom just needs the mats put down
Wednesday Dec.2, 9 pm, e-mail to Councillor Rob Ford. from Jutta Mason, cityrinks:

I was at Sunnydale today -- the ice looks great, the place is all cleaned up, but the staff person on site told me they are not allowed to open until Dec.5, i.e. at the same time as all the other rinks.

In the e-mail below, Ms.Battaglia suggests the rink would be open already, and it certainly seems ready to go. 311 has no updated information.

There's a problem here -- yes?

Thursday Dec.3 2009

Sunnydale opens, in the evening.

one reason why the kids don't come
Friday Dec.4 2009

ice is fine, but no skaters

At 12 noon on a P.A. day when all the primary schools are closed, Sunnydale Rink is open. But there's not a soul there except for the two ice maintenance staff and a painter doing the last touch-ups from construction. The maintenance staff say that people will find out the rink is open when they come by. But there's no sign, and the chain-link gates are locked (just the front door is open, but that's not evident unless you actually try the door handle).

Thursday January 21, 2010

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