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2007 - 2008

Thursday February 8

4:30pm The rink is completed buried in snow. An hour later, the rink operator at Westway says that in Etobicoke the priority after a snowstorm are the larger rinks (the so-called 'majors'). Summerlea is a 'minor,' i.e. an ice pad without boards, nets or changerooms. The operator at Westway said a roving crew was out cleaning the minors. However, it's worth noting that 'minor' rinks are sometimes busier than the 'majors,' partly because there are no permits and the ice is always available and partly because there are fewer rules. Players at Rivercrest, another 'minor' rink, said they played there because they didn't have to wear a helmet.

Sunday February 3

4:30pm The sign posted by the City says PRIORITY USE: PLEASURE Sunday all day, but this is an unsupervised rink and there is no City staff to tell the shinny players to stay off the ice. |Eight boys are playing a vigorous game of hockey. A family is leaving the rink. Asked if there's always shinny here on Sunday, the father says you can pleasure skate if you want. One of the hockey players says he plays here almost every day and the rink is usually busy except during school hours. A Polish-speaking family arrives at the rink. They don't live in the area and this is their first time here. The children pleasure skate along the side while hockey dominates the rest of the ice.

Saturday January 12

1:30pm The rink is empty but the ice is good.

Saturday December 8

12:45pm Maintenance workers are flooding the ice. Some children come and ask if the rink is open. A man comes and asks the same thing. The foreman of the crew working on the ice calls someone on the radio and then says the rink will be open in a couple of hours. The man who asked about the rink says it does get busy at times.

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