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January 23, 2016

There's no ice here. It looks as though a start might have been made, which would have melted in the last bout of above-zero weather. Although many other natural ice rinks are open, it seems that this group must have been too discouraged to begin again when it got cold, about a week ago.

Too bad, since there's a new fire pit here now -- no sign of any burn yet.

only a small rim of snow around the edges of the possible rink

brand new campfire circle

Rink diaries from earlier years:

Rink Diary 2015

February 13, 2015

Catherine Porter wrote an article about this rink in the Toronto Star.

Jan.21 2015

9.45 pm: two people were flooding, and another four were standing talking with them. Peter, the main organizer of the rink, said that the neighborhood is pretty friendly, maybe partly because it's cut off somewhat by the train tracks and the Main Street overpass, and so people see their area as distinct.

Apparently some of the older people said there used to be a natural ice rink in the park, maintained by the city -- a long time ago. But this is the first year that the neighbours are building it up again. They plan to have a campfire and a rink party on Feb.15, taking their inspiration from Orchard Park.

Jan.20 2015

noon time

this park looks cared for -- has an active bulletin board too

Jan 15, 2015 From Facebook Page:

That makes a total of.... 33 Floods in 8 Days. Pretty darn SPECTACULAR!

Jan 11, 2015

Rink opens

shinny - credit: from Facebook MM

Jan 9, 2015 From Facebook Page:

Sad to report that there were no floods tonight. We got out there. Cleaned off the ice. Got everything out of the shed...and ended up with 2 frozen hoses. UHG! Joe was great and let us put them in his basement to thaw out. But this means ice won't be ready tomorrow. Sorry. Everyone has worked SO hard all week. Now, if we can coordinate times tomorrow, we might be able to build up the ice on Saturday to be able to use the rink Sunday. We can start as early as 9 am and potentially work right through depending if enough people can come out and help. MORE PEOPLE = MORE ICE. It's not that hard. Even an hour would make a huge difference to the rink.

view of a ready rink - credit: From Facebook PW

seating by rink - credit: From Facebook PW

Jan 7, 2015 From Facebook Page:

Just a few things I wanted to share after Day 1 of OPERATION ICE RINK: 2 important things to remember: It's cold and it's slippery. If you can squeeze an extra pair of socks into your boots, it makes a huge difference. Timing of Floods- 30 mins to flood the rink & 30 mins to freeze. Parks Dept provided a few pairs of rubber gloves with liners. They are left in the shed. Though not very warm, they keep hands dry. I wore the rubber gloves over my own Thinsulate gloves. They also provided us with flashlights, some tools and salt for de-icing afterwards. And remember ... the Shed / Utility room is warm. We are getting 2 picnic tables that will be chained to the fence around the rink. This is for sitting are for putting skates on. The schedule is out there but the times are flex. If anyone would like to start earlier, we can try to arrange it. And daytime works too. If it can be coordinated ie we are anticipating 2 floods by noon today, fantastic!

From Facebook Page - JM credit

Jan 6, 2015 From Facebook Page:

So tonight is our first night for flooding the rink. We are very lucky to have Tim from Parks Dept come out. Unfortunately he can only come at 6pm. I know it's short notice, but anyone who wants an actual demo, free free to come over at 6

From Facebook Page - PW credit

Jan 3, 2015 From Facebook Page:

PW: It looks like Skating weather is on it's way. We're planning to do our first Flood on Tuesday night. I've sent a request to see if Tim from Parks Dept can come out to oversee our first night. I will confirm his attendance soon. We're planning on 9-9:30 pm Tuesday. Working on a schedule for Monday to Friday. Potentially 4 floods per night. Preferably 2 teams of 2-3 volunteers, 2 floods per team. (If that works) The reason for starting Tuesday is the weather supposed to get cold Monday. Will give the diamond time to freeze. And hopefully we will get some snow to rebuild the barrier. Any questions please let me know. Will get the schedule out shortly, but if you have a time/ day preference, just let me know. Thanks... And Happy New Year Stephenson Park PEEPS!

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