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Dec.6 2012: Release of a staff report on Sherbourne Common

Here is a report proposing a new approach to maintenance for Sherbourne Common: report.

Jan 1, 2013

We just found this critical assessment of the problems of Sherbourne Common on the information-packed Project for Public Spaces website. The place is underused in the summer and the rink is often empty in the winter. It's made worse by the absence of shelter -- or rather, by the disuse of a perfectly serviceable change room, the second year in a row. The bitter winds of this location near the lake, with no sheltering buildings nearby (actually the building design forms a wind tunnel), reduces usefulness even more.

At least there are washrooms -- meaning that if a person's fingers are too cold to untie their skate laces outside, they can sit on a warm toilet and untie them there.

The city's website said the rink is open every day, but it doesn't mention that there's no access to the change room, ever.

few skaters, a bitter wind off the lake

skaters have to change outside

warm change room has been locked for two years

zamboni hose is too narrow, takes a long time to fill

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