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January 26 2011

The Toronto Sun wrote about the imminent opening of the rink.

January 31 2011

Christopher Hume in the Toronto Star on opening day at the rink.

The city's document of key facts does not mention compressors or ice-making equipment.

February 3 2010

At 8 pm there were five skaters, with one rink guard sitting inside the unfinished cafe area. There was a bitter wind blowing. One woman was changing out of her skates by balancing on one foot in the little entryway to the washrooms. She said that the benches outside are made of cement and are partially snow-covered but also too cold.

The rink guard said that the most skaters he'd had at one time were eight, earlier in the day. The zamboni had come by only once, at 11 a.m., but with so few skaters, the ice was fine at 8 pm.

There is no parking on the street (Queen's Quay), even though it's wide and has little traffic.

The washrooms are very handsome, and the rink guard was evidently proud of the building, unfinished though it was. At this point the toilets are the warmest place to sit down, and with the lid down they should do fine as a skate-changing seat.

Friday Feb.18 2011, mid-afternoon, sunny and 9 celsius.

4.50pm: There were no skaters on the ice. The ice was wet all over and soft and slushy. There was a pile of snow on one corner of it.





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