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Rink Diary 2010 - 2011

Saturday November 13 2010

This rink was closed for the entire season last year because Ryerson University was enlarging its building next door. The word this year was that it would be open again, but the construction fence still shuts off the east edge of the rink, and there's no access to either the rink change house or the garage where the zamboni can fill up.

Beyond that, time and the absence of maintenance have not been kind to this beautifully designed rink. The plastic windows are yellowing and it looks dumpy inside. There's been a rumour for years that the wooden parts of the building are infested by termites. And despite the rink's proximity to this very large university, not many students come to skate except late at night for pond hockey, when the staff has gone home and nobody is there to stop them. This is another orphan rink, waiting for someone to adopt it.

east side of rink still blocked off

no access to rink change house

zamboni can't fill up

this rink seems far away from opening
Saturday December 4, 2010

Weather: high minus 1, low minus 6 , cloudy

At 10.30 there's lots of ice on the rink, and the doorway to the changeroom is clear of rubble, But it's locked. It's hard to know where the zamboni can fill, with the gates blocked.





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