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2006 - 2007

Dec.18 2006, 11.30am and 2.30 pm

11.30 am: The ice had not been cleaned/scraped that morning, it looked alright though. There was garbage and recycling outside in a messy way. There were no skaters and the rink was all locked up. The schedule was posted, but only the holiday version (up to 31 December). It was posted inside a window, not too easy to see.

There were no staff. Nets were new. The area is nice, near the Broadview streetcar and Broadview and Danforth for the subway. There are also bike rings and a playground adjacent. There are two vending machines for food. One machine is broken and the other is empty. There is no public phone.

At 2.30pm one pleasure skater present. There were no copies of the schedule available, the staff person said he only had the one copy up until December 31. He reported that the ice was maintained, that is flooded or scraped once a day, but they never know when.

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There was one rink guard, one BA, both friendly. There were mats outside but no benches and it was still messy by the garbages. The change room was clean, well lit and had the code of conduct up as well as mats and lockers.

The staff have a phone in their office. The staff reported that they have helmets for themselves and that they enforce the helmet rule always with 6 and under but prefer not to risk getting into a fight over the helmets with the older skaters.

There are no green shovels, so when it snows they close. Shinny scene is good, 18 and over is the best in the evenings.

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