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Friday Dec.4 2009

This rink is located right beside a primary school. The schools are all on a P.A. day today, so the kids have a holiday. Rivercrest Rink could have been open -- the official opening day, citywide, is tomorrow, but the ice looks fine. However, the kids may not have been told. The gate is locked.

A teacher passing by says that their school uses the rink every Friday in January, for Phys Ed. But they wouldn't plan on using it yet, she says, because it's too warm for good ice. (The temperature is 4 degrees, and the ice looks solid).

A rink operator has just flooded the ice and he's upset -- he slipped and fell, not hard, but his overalls are soaked. He waves around the detached hose nozzle. "This is what they give us, no wonder we fall!"

It turns out that he had the hose and the nozzle, but no way to attach them to each other. So he had to work with just the hose, and had no way to control the water volume. I asked him if he could maybe go to the store and get soem clamps, but he said no, that's somebody else who's supposed to supply the rink handymen with the equipment they need.

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