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posted on February 16, 2006

Fact sheet on City of Toronto community Boards of Management

Belinda Cole's recent research into the possibility of establishing a board of management to run the rink at Dufferin Grove looked at the Municipal Act, 2001 and city by-laws which govern the creation and operation of boards of management.

posted Feburary 11, 2006

Report of Community Meeting about Rink Management Board Proposal

February 7, 2006, Dufferin Park Rinkhouse

February 7 2006 rink meeting report.

  • a roomful of rink users
  • some Dufferin Rink staff, plus
  • City Councillor Adam Giambrone;
  • Parks, Forestry and Recreation director Don Boyle
  • 4-5 representatives of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 416.

posted February 1, 2006

Why a Management Board for City Outdoor Rinks?

To: All friends of City of Toronto outdoor rinks:

Public meeting Tuesday Feb.7
Dufferin Rink, 7.p.m.

The City's management of outdoor compressor-run ice rinks isnít working.

For quite a few years now, friends of Dufferin Rink and other outdoor rinks have advocated for improvements in outdoor rink operations throughout the city. Sometimes it seemed like we were getting somewhere, but lots of times the problems returned.

posted January 31, 2006

Outdoor Rink Reports, 2005 - 2006

posted Feburary 15, 2006

Ice Thickness

posted February 19, 2006

A Clash of Cultures

by Henrik Bechmann

Recent events at Dufferin Grove Park leading to the contemplation of a Management Board for the rink again raise the question: why is there a serious "crisis" -- a conflict with the city -- once or twice a year?

There are many layers to this, but I submit that there is an underlying reason: a clash of cultures between the Dufferin Park Community ("the Park") and the City bureaucracy, specifically the Parks, Forestry & Recreation Department ("PFR"). The following are admittedly generalizations, and somewhat simplified, but to my mind and experience (I have been a software consultant to many organizations for decades) ring true.

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