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January 30 ’06. Monday

Cloudy with sunny periods, 6 degrees.

Wallace Rink, 10 a.m. An inch of water on the hockey side. Rink staff said that there used to be drain holes for water but the rink ice is so high the drain holes are plugged. So the rain water from Sunday just stays on top, until it freezes even higher. Pleasure skating side is mostly frozen (better drainage) with three shiny hockey players. Zamboni arrives on trailer. Driver leaves hockey side untouched, floods frozen side so that it, too, turns into a lake. Hockey players give up and leave.

Dufferin Rink. 3.30 p.m. Rink was scraped in the morning, but in the afternoon it has some water on it. Three zamboni drivers arrive, stand and look at the ice, then leave. Staff and rink users remove water manually. Ice even thicker than before.
5.30 p.m. zamboni drivers arrive and do ice during parent-child shinny hockey time (not at regular zamboni schedule). Tell rink staff that they don’t need to conform to the rink schedule.

January 29 ’06, Sunday

Dufferin Rink. Rain all day. In mid-afternoon the zamboni driver came and checked the rink. Rink staff asked him if he would scrape water off. He said, no, why do you ask? Staff said, I’ve heard the ice is too thick. Zamboni driver said: "bullshit," and left.

10 p.m. rain stopped and rink frozen solid. No ice maintenance, ice even thicker than before.

January 28 06, Saturday

Sunny, 8 degrees.

Christie Rink, 2.50 p.m. water over the whole surface, rink locked. Change rooms locked Carefully-lettered sign taped to the door: “Rink closed due to warm weather. Will re-open again A.S.A.P. when weather permits. Sorry for the inconvenience.” Nice sign, friendly.

Harry Gairey, 3.10 p.m. Rink is closed. Lots of decent-looking ice (this is a direct-ammonia rink) but also some wet spots. Ice looks at least 3 ½ inches high along the boards. The Olympia-driver tells me he won't be cleaning the ice until much later. He says they’ll re-open around 8. How does he know the exact time already?

College Park, 3.30. Good ice, only one wet spot. Three young guys playing hockey. The on-site rink staff person, who has messy hair and big pants, tells them to stop, and they argue. He says in frustration, “Listen to me, if it was up to me, I wouldn’t tell you to stop, but I’ll get in trouble. I’m just like you, bro!” They argue some more and he compromises and tells them they have to stop the minute a pleasure-skater comes along. Three minutes later an elegant European women comes in with her skates. She asks, “Would you please ask them to stop playing hockey?” He says he’ll stop them when she’s ready to go on. I’m closer to the door, so I yell out to them, “five minute warning! There’s a pleasure skater coming on!” The hockey players smile and nod. I tell the woman, “they say they’ll stop the minute you come out.” She smiles, the rink staff smiles – a perfect picture of Canadian agreeableness. It works!

City Hall/ Nathan Phillips Square, 3.40. Hard to see the ice because the rink has hundreds of skaters on it (Winterfest). Zamboni driver says the ice is fine, why wouldn’t it be? He says he’s surprised to hear other inks are closed. He thinks the ice thickness is about 1 ½ inches; it gets done every hour and a half. I ask about safety precautions when the zamboni does the ice, with all those people standing along the edge of the rinks without barriers. He says, the rink guards are there, no problem. I see two rink guards – he says a third one is on break. Rink guard/skater ratio is about 100 people per rink guard, maybe more.

Regent Park North, 4.00. Looks wet, but door is open. There’s a family just playing on the ice without skates, baby being pulled on a sled.

Regent Park South, 4.05. Locked. Three drinkers around the corner. Ice looks fine except a wet spot at south end. No sign on the door.

Withrow Rink, 4.45. Closed. Lots of water on it. Zamboni foreman says it will reopen in the evening.

Regent Park South 5.30. Rink open now. A bit bumpy but fine for skating. Three kids skating, plus the drinkers, plus one rink staff, inside. The zamboni trailer pulled up just as I got there – the on-site staff went out on the ice to get the skaters off, but then the zamboni trailer just pulled away again. The on-site staff gestured his puzzlement to them as they left, but they just waved through the truck window and kept going. The skaters and the staff were upset, saying, "those guys are just lazy, they do this a lot."

City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square, 5.45. Still full of hundreds of skaters, ice fine.

Harbourfront Rink, 5.55. Zamboni was just cleaning the ice. Very busy rink – hundreds of skaters sitting along the curved edges of the rink, their feet on the ice. One rink guard, no barriers. Zamboni going fairly fast, just staying slightly back from the edges.

I asked the staff at the skate rental if they’d had trouble with the warm temperatures and the sun. They said their ice had been fine all day and they had not lost a single day after the first weekend when their rink opened.

Harry Gairey Rink, 6.35. Rink locked but ice looked fine. Zamboni driver got on his zamboni and started to scrape. A rink user standing outside tried to get his attention to see when they would open the rink, but the zamboni driver just stared past him and kept driving. He doesn’t scrape first, but floods.

Trinity Rink, 6.50. Rink locked but solid (no water), had not been scraped. Change house locked, no sign.

Christie Rink, 7.10. Locked. Ice hard but a bit bumpy, had not been scraped. Very skateable so I unlocked it.

Dufferin Rink, 3.30, zamboni drivers charted in book that they watched rink staff scraping slush off the ice.
Zamboni coming to do the first scrape of the day. On-site staff unhappy because rink operator had gone on the ice without warning the rink staff, then criticized the staff for hurrying out and not wearing scrapers. Zamboni driver also critical of rink staff for manually scraping slush off the ice, saying it left marks. No marks visible.
10 p.m. ice smooth. 30 skaters.

Campbell Rink, 10.05: ice smooth, had been scraped by zamboni. One skater.

Wallace Rink, 10.10: permit on the ice, 8 more shiny hockey players on the pleasure side. Ice smooth, had been scraped by zamboni.

Christie Rink, 10.20. two hockey players on ice. Had not been scraped by zamboni but players said it was okay.

Trinity Rink, 10.30. had not been scraped by zamboni, a bit rough, but door was unlocked and 8 players said it was okay to skate on.

January 27, 06, Friday

Wallace Rink: 12 noon. on-site meeting of on-site rink staff with Policy and Development staff, Tech Services staff, zamboni supervisor, on-site staff supervisor, Wallace main zamboni driver, two community consultants, the City Councillor and his assistant, and the architectural/design consultant hired by the City to plan the rink-replacement (Totten Sims Hubicki, a very frequent outside consultant for the City on capital projects). Discussion of what needed to be done at Wallace Rink. Basic tenor of discussion was "it probably can't be done at this time," in response to any questions about changes relating to change-room and zamboni garage. The larger question of whether it made sense to replace a high-functioning direct-ammonia rink with a lower-functioning brine-glycol /ammonia rink was raised by several on-site staff but it got no response beyond the general reference to “compliance.”
2.00 a.m. rink had players on both sides, hockey side was an extended family including kids, playing very quietly i.e. not hitting the boards. Pleasure side was the Hockey players whom I'd kicked out from Dufferin Rink (see below). They agreed to try and play without slap shots or yelling.

Dufferin Rink: sunny day, 3 degrees, ice softer in afternoon but fine by skating lessons time (4 p.m.) Rink very full both sides. 6.30 and 9 p.m. ice maintenance done by Wallace on-site day-shift rink operator alone, despite Thursday protocol. He said the other rink operators don't want to work at Dufferin Rink so he was doing extra hours.Measured ice thickness: 4 ½ inched at centre of pleasure-skating side.
1.30 a.m. a rink neighbour called and woke me because there were people noisily playing hockey on the locked rink. I put on my clothes and went there and asked five players to leave. They were angry, said they work construction all week, and on the weekend they take a nap and then have enough energy to play hockey. I said don't play close to houses. They showed me their rink access: the rink swing gate had been left without a padlock by the zamboni drivers. Then they left.
3.00 a.m. rink still empty.

College Park (Barbara Ann Scott). 4.20 pm. 1 skater, 3 people sitting on bench in the middle of the ice, 2 people changing into skates inside. No staff. 2 youth drinking giant bottles of ice beer on a park bench close by. One of them took a piss against the corner of the building. Lots of passersby, but they don’t seem to be looking at the rink much.

Ryerson Rink, 4.35 p.m. No skaters. An on-site rink staff sitting inside at a desk. He told me the last scrape they had was the day before at 4 p.m. Ice frosty but smooth. The rink staff said that a lot of people cut across the rink, in shoes, to get to their parked cars and indeed, as we stood outside we saw it about ten times. No one fell. The rink staff told me that he has no phone in the building. There’s a phone in the windowless garage, but if he stayed in there he couldn’t see anything.

The rink is a beautiful little jewel with huge Canadian Shield boulders embedded on the ice surface, and a little elegant Japanese-style rink house actually built around two of the boulders. But the windows of the rink house are yellowing plastic that you can no longer see through, there’s a hole in the wall around a heat vent, with bits of insulation hanging out, and the washroom has lots of gross graffiti scrawled on the door. And no staff phone! For a few thousand dollars it could be a wonderful place. But as it stands, few people skate there. Right beside a school of 20,000 students, half a block from the Eaton Centre – and the rink is almost empty. It takes a real effort to spoil something so beautiful.

Campbell Rink: 1.45 a.m. rink empty, gate open.

Christie Rink: 2.15 a.m. rink empty, gate open.

Harry Gairey Rink: 2.30 a.m. rink empty, locked.

Trinity Rink: 2.45 a.m. rink empty, gate open.

January 26, 06, Thursday

Campbell: 10.20: 19 people playing shinny, maybe a mixed permit?

Christie: 10.30. 6 guys playing shinny, lots more in the rink house changing at the end of a permit.

Wallace: 8.30: two women there for open shinny. Zamboni driver had cleaned, and cleared the ice. All the shinny players from before were leaving because there were three people on the pleasure-skating side, and nowhere for them to play. I talked to them about maybe changing the times so they could play on the pleasure-skating side after 9:00, like at Dufferin. They said they'd like that for all permits.
9:00 p.m. 6 women there.
9:15: six more women. Staff let the hockey players onto the pleasure skating side -- (pleasure skaters were leaving anyway).
9.30: three more women including a goalie. More guys came, and just played shinny on the pleasure side.
10.35: still about ten women there.
11.00: light out, about five guys on the hockey side, no women left. They went over to the pleasure side so I could close up, no argument.

Dufferin: 1.p.m. joint health and safety committee meeting across town, to discuss new “health&safety protocol” for Dufferin Rink. Three CUPE Local 79 staff from Dufferin Rink asked if they could come and were ok’d. Otherwise all CUPE Local 416 plus two of their supervisors. Meeting took 2 and ½ hours. Dufferin on-site staff returned saying there had been lots of wild talk. Local 416 workers said no volunteers are allowed to help with safety/ crowd control because of lawsuits. Eventually it had been agreed that there would be only one on-site staff except at 6.30 or otherwise if busy, the zamboni crew would always be two people, the zamboni driver would tell the rink staff when they arrived, and wait for the rink staff to remove skaters from the ice and stand guard at the railing. One zamboni driver would raise and lower lift gates, the other zamboni driver would place special barriers at fire pit and by railing to bar people from access to zamboni route.
4 p.m. farmers’ market was on. One of the flying squad zamboni drivers came into the building and told me he needed rink guards. He was already out on the hockey ice with the zamboni (he had brought it off the trailer). I told him he'd have to find the staff by letting them know at the zamboni café that he was there. Two staff grabbed orange jacket/vest and went out. Zamboni was frozen up -- Dufferin rink on-site staff person came inside to get hot water -- then he helped the zamboni driver to hook up to hot water hose outside near the garage side door -- lots got spilled on the ice, big dirt tracks there too, chunks out of the ice -- big confusion.

Then another zamboni driver came. The first zamboni driver scraped the hockey side, then drove off and loaded the zamboni back on the flying squad trailer, with the on-site rink staff still standing on the rinks waiting – they didn't know if he was coming back to fix the mess on the pleasure side, no communication. Rink guards showed the second zamboni driver that the hockey gate once again won't close.
6.30 p.m. on-site rink lead staff reported that two flying squad zamboni drivers came to clean ice, told her to get them food, acted very rude. It’s a civil war.

January 25, 06, Wednesday

1. Dufferin: Everything is complicated because of the civil war we have at the rink. Two zamboni drivers came for the first two ice cleanings and then just one came for the final cleaning and demanded two rink guards. The Dufferin rink on-site staff went out and asked all the rink users inside so that we would only need one rink guard. By the time the on-site rink staff was back in, he had to stop a fight in the men's washroom and settle people down.
Women's shinny permit got more people this time.
11.10 p.m. lots of people playing shinny on both sides. After I cleared them out I set up the "no hockey after 11 or else" signs again.

2. Wallace: 10.50 p.m. no one was playing shinny on the hockey side even though it was open -- big shinny game on the pleasure side. One of them told me the game had started there during the Wednesday permit and then it had been going too fast to interrupt everything and move over.

January 24, 06, Tuesday

1. Christie Rink: 1.45 p.m. One on-site rink staff person plus one community-hours window washer plus three friends. Out on the ice: three skaters. I asked the on-site rink staff about the youth program that runs out of Alex Duff -- he says it's every evening 6-8, organized by Bob Abate staff. If that was changed to 6-9, you'd only need one on-site rink staff at night -- maybe pay them more and expect more? Just a thought.
10.40 p.m. 13 skaters playing drop-in shinny - say they come there a lot -- they play until 11.30 (when the lights go off). Ice looked like it must have been done this evening. Leaving there, I wiped out on my bike. Ouch!
2. Campbell Rink: 10.50: the rink was empty. Not much snow on the rink -- either they didn't have many players tonight or the ice was done sometime in the evening.
3. Wallace Rink: 8.30 p.m. Building Attendant was all by himself the whole shift. He said that the Arena Operator now has school on Tuesday nights too. Poor management: the rink operator shifts are set to suit the operator, not the needs of the rink. The regular operator now has three shifts out of five when he works days, even though the rink needs the operator in the evening. Skaters are reluctant to complain because the rink operator is one of the best on city staff. But the on-site rink staff said that the ice was not cleaned on the evening shift at all, so not very many people came skating, no one on the pleasure-skating side. This is when the green shovels would work out, if we could send a Dufferin staff person up to help organize it. By bus, I guess.
11.00 p.m. five people on the hockey side, ice very snowy. The gangster boys were all gathered under a streetlight at the corner of the rink. The stairs have mud on them because the "path" leading up to them is so muddy.
4. Dufferin Rink: meeting to discuss the new "protocol" set up for 1 p.m. with everyone there to meet with the zamboni drivers and their supervisor. Supervisor called at 12.55 to cancel. Two zamboni drivers came to do ice at 3.15, all staff on ice cleaning duty were required to wear fluorescent vests and studs on their shoes. Two operators came again at 6.30. At 8.30, three operators came. They did the pleasure side very fast at 8.45, then stood idle and obviously impatient to do the hockey side before 8.55. Let's ask them to do the pleasure side at 8.55 and the hockey side at 9.05. They get paid until 10 and seem to be overstaffed at the moment anyway. Poor management practice -- if they have three operators to send to Dufferin, they should have sent one over to Wallace to do their ice at that time, also to be a second person for the solitary on-site rink staff there.
10.30: hockey side had women's open shinny -- very full. Pleasure-skating side had men's drop-in shinny hockey -- also very full.
11.15: last stragglers leaving. I put out the chairs with the warning signs taped to them again, for the 2.30 a.m. skaters.

January 23, 06, Monday

Christie Rink – I didn’t visit

Campbell Rink -- 9.45 p.m. -- empty.

Wallace Rink -- 10 p.m. I looked at the new stairs on the hillside. They look good (steel risers). Need a railing if it snows, that's all that's left to do with the stairs.
Hockey side was open but empty; permit didn't show up the second week in a row. Fast shinny game on pleasure side -- the guy said they were moving too fast to go over to the hockey side. So I locked it. Lots of snow on the ice -- did it get done by the evening zamboni operators at all?

Dufferin Rink -- shed was moved so no problem now with sight lines.
8.45 p.m. Two zamboni drivers came. Two on-site rink staff went to help – Driver told on-site staff to put on an orange vest. Too many staff, so one zamboni driver stood there for a while and then disappeared -- either sat in the truck or left?
The second zamboni driver cleaned the pleasure –skating side then sat in zamboni while the on-site staff person raised the gate. She will ask him to raise the gate in future. Then the zamboni driver did hockey side. Pleasure side had lots of skaters but no puck allowed (good idea not to). The zamboni driver did not signal with his horn when he was done the hockey side but just drove toward the lift gate. On-site rink staff cleared pleasure rink again so the zamboni driver could dump snow (some people were walking across the basketball court as he came out the far gate but they dodged the zamboni). The zamboni driver came back across pleasure rink and I went to walk in front to spot him as per the old protocol-- he didn't seem to see me and he went pretty fast so I got out of the way. He should go slower, also on the ice.
On-site rink staff made the following signs for the middle of the night hockey players:

I put these out on the hockey rink at 11 p.m. and sent the rink neighbour another e-mail with my phone number on it.

January 22, 06, Sunday

Campbell Rink: Dufferin Rink staff person went over and Campbell rink staff helped her set up the barrel for fire and the benches from McCormick. Only 6 hockey players when we got there -- then one pleasure skater. Suddenly at 2.30 all sorts of pleasure skaters came. Dufferin Staff said it ended up being 40 people on the ice. She put a bench right on the ice and people sat there too. Hot dogs were free again -- next time we'll bring more. \\ We unlocked both side doors leading to washrooms. Maybe we could put different padlocks on so the staff could unlock the doors? \\ Ice done by zamboni driver. He drove the zamboni right on the road from rink to rink, because the trailer was broken, at about 4.30 p.m. I think.

Wallace Rink: no ice maintenance all day (after early morning) because the flying squad trailer was broken. Ice was done by zamboni travelling on the road, about 5.00 p.m. I think.
7.15 p.m. lots of skaters on both sides (18 hockey side, 12 pleasure side, 14 on benches). Some wanted access to washroom (closed early because of Sunday), some didn't care.
I noted that EVERYONE used the new stairs, coming or going.
11 p.m. only about 7-8 hockey players left.

Christie Rink: 7.30 p.m. pleasure skating time, hockey nets locked up. Ice had been done shortly before, by zamboni travelling without a trailer. One on-site rink staff was reading a book, the other on his cell. One staff would be plenty. A family of 5 or 6 were sitting on benches near the fireplace chatting. Said they don't come to Dufferin much anymore because it's too crowded. (yes!!) But they said they miss the food and the atmosphere.
Pepsi machine has been moved; good. I put three chairs in front of the fireplace, which had a nice fire in it.

Dufferin Rink -- very full all day. Zamboni was broken from the day before but apparently the zamboni driver scraped the ice with it anyway in the morning. No ice maintenance during the day because the flying squad had no trailer. I guess they just had to sit there all day. 5 p.m. family shinny permit scraped their own ice with green shovels -- worked fine. Zamboni driver arrived with zamboni, no trailer, at about 5.45. He scraped the ice at 6 p.m., 7.30, and 8.45.

E-mail to the park web site: “I had a question for you guys, I'm not really sure who to contact with this. I live near he ice rink and there has been a group of young guys meeting up 3 or 4 times a week in the middle of the night to play when the rink is closed. It wouldn't bother me, I actually like the sound of skates on the rink it's that they are being really loud and screaming at each other. At first I was just a little irritated but now they seem to be meeting regularly, last night they came out to play at 2:30. If I didn't have to get up at 6 for work it might not be as much of an issue but I was wondering if there was anything that could be done to help the situation.”

January 21, 06, Saturday

Dufferin: 9.30 a.m. Skating lessons started, then two zamboni drivers came. They didn't warn anyone and the zamboni was on the ice before any on-site rink staff could get out there. He said to on-site staff that he did that because the other driver was with him and could keep a lookout. The zamboni driver did the hockey side, had to dump snow three times (it had snowed in early morning). The skating teacher cleared her class right off twice, stayed on the ice in the corner with everyone the third time. The zamboni driver protested to the skating teacher about this, despite a lot of adult supervision.
1.05p.m. Zamboni driver alerted rink staff with proper notice to clear ice but it was the wrong time. Said no one had told him he had to wait until the end of kids-and-parents shinny hockey time (1.30) I went home and ran off a large-print version of the Dec.10 ice-cleaning schedule and posted it on the wall in the garage, by gas hose. Also posted it on the staff bulletin board and on the public bulletin board. Rink only medium-busy all day.
11 p.m. youth permit on hockey ice and only three people on pleasure-skating side.

Wallace: At 11 a.m., no staff at the rink, garage door open all the way, rink office door unlocked and unattended. Hockey nets still outside of rink, lift gate up, new stairs with layer of snow. After 10 minutes, in-site rink staff came back from the mall, said zamboni driver had gone to clean Campbell. I cleared snow off steps.
12.30p.m. skating lessons well-attended, barrel fire with hot dogs, muffins, nice scene.
I spoke to zamboni driver about the missing green rink shovels -- he said they were used twice, and despite his instruction, people pushed the snow against boards, so he put them back into the compressor room. I asked him to chain them outside against the fence with one of the locks. I promised him the shovels would only be used with proper supervision -- make sure no one at Wallace has that padlock key for now?
10.30 p.m. fast hockey game. I asked them to lock the padlock when they left and they said yes.

Campbell: good ice maintenance all day, zamboni there all day. One-day tournament for all ages, starting at noon. Six teams, 35 players from all three rinks. Hockey was very fast and good. Barrel fire with hot dogs (One Dufferin Rink staff plus local helpers). All players seemed to enjoy it. (Two refs, no fights). At the finals (8 p.m.), the team from Dufferin was ahead 6-4 of the team from Campbell, when the team from Campbell decided to forfeit. --?
Many players said they want to do another tournament, but at Dufferin where the rink house is handier and warmer.
At 10.30 Campbell rink was empty.

Christie: at 10.30 there was one skater just leaving. Rink was unlocked but nets were locked to the outside. Why?

January 20, 06, Friday

Dufferin: because of the 11 degrees and the ice thickness, the rink was covered with water by 11 a.m. Two zamboni drivers came to fix the hockey gate lock. They stayed quite a while talking but didn't want to use the zamboni. Their supervisor didn't return calls. So on-site rink staff, working with skaters, took water off manually with the green shovels for about two hours (off and on). Much improvement and people could play hockey after. Technical services staff person came by and said he'd lowered the sensor temperature on the compressors but they still weren't working to the optimum because the ice was too thick (made worse by rainstorm the day before). Tech staff said he's very concerned for March openings if the ice is already this thick now. Zamboni driver said Tech Services staff doesn't know what he's talking about.
E-mail to rink manager: "The on-site rink staff have paged the zamboni supervisor about ice maintenance, but got no answer to their pages. The rink is not only puddled but also soft. This may be because the ice has been allowed to get much too thick already. The zamboni operators have come to the rink but they told the on-site staff that it’s nonsense about ice thickness, and that they will not go out onto the ice with the zamboni. (This is not uncommon.) The two are sitting and drinking park coffee instead….Could you try to talk to the rink supervisor about this?"
No answer.
4.30 p.m. zamboni driver did finally scrape the ice, got more water off -- ice was fine after that, but still just as thick. Lots of skaters were there for skating lessons and Friday Night Supper.
Evening -- ice good and lots of skaters until lights went off.

Wallace: Zamboni driver told me he did the ice in the morning and it was fine all day (Direct ammonia!). At 4.30p.m. there were a few sections of damp but the many skaters said it was fine to skate and play hockey. Both rinks had a lot of skaters in the evening. 11 p.m.: ice snowy but solid, no puddles, at lock-up time.

Campbell: At 5.30p.m. the rink had not been done, some puddles on it, nets off. The two flying squad zamboni drivers were sitting in office with the on-site rink staff -- said they had been told not to scrape ice but just be on standby. They also said they would ruin the ice if they went on it. I didn't bother telling about Dufferin being done an hour earlier -- why argue with a wall?
10.30 p.m.: 13 skaters in very fast hockey game.

Christie: on-site rink staff called around 1 p.m. and said he was closing Trinity and Christie because each had two inches of water on them. At 6 p.m. the rink was locked but there was one skater inside -- water on the edges but solid in the middle. Rink house was locked too, no sign on it. I unlocked the rink door. The skater was glad, said the ice was fine, he was skating all around.
7.25 p.m. three skaters on the ice, ice was fine (but had not been scraped). I unlocked the hockey nets. As I left I could see two families coming for pleasure skating -- but rink house was still locked. I.e. rink was quite skateable from 5.30p.m. even with no ice maintenance but it was closed all evening.

January 19, 06 Thursday

Wallace: women's shinny again had only 4 people. I will contact them and also talk to the learn-to-play-shinny folks (Lawrence) and let everyone know that if they can't get at least 8 women out next time, we'll try again next year.
I talked to zamboni driver about seeing guys in the compressor room the night before at 10.10 p.m. He said he NEVER lets anyone in there. He tested the compressor room door and found that it can be easily opened without a key. A handy clubhouse, with lots of buttons and switches! He said he'll make sure it gets fixed today.
At 10.30 p.m. both sides of Wallace Rink were full of shinny players. Looked great.
At 11 p.m. I locked up the hockey rink and most shinny players left by the new stairs.

Campbell: At 10.45p.m. the mixed (men and women) permit was just leaving and there were 7 shinny players on the ice. Nets on.

Christie: At 10.05 p.m. the ice was empty, nets were on, and a full-equipment permit was just relaxing post-game in the dressing room. There was a fire in the wood stove, lots of benches, and the scene looked very nice. The on-site rink staff was reading the paper. He said that everything is clear now that you and he have talked, and he'll do the same things at Trinity. (?) He also said the Pepsi machine is being moved away from the fireplace today.

Dufferin: At 9 p.m. the permit was on the hockey side and the ice was too packed with shinny players on the pleasure side. Some people left and the rest organized themselves into two lines and took turns.

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