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Tuesday Dec.9 2008


Weather: High 5 celsius, low -1. It rained almost all day. Even so, there was a steady dribble of skaters, but the women's shinny program cancelled.


Wallace Emerson

e-mail from Mark Stafford: Local Shinny game (permit) looking for players

Looking for Hockey Players - (outdoors) regular Monday night 8pm permit game at Wallace-Emmerson (dufferin/dupont) ice rink.

Level - Male or Female - beginner/immediate to intermediate, friendly fun rather than serious competitive

When - starting in January

Cost - depends on # of participants & cost of permit - $10 per game range looking for a commitment for the season of 8 to 10 games

We have 9 people, needing roughly 5 more

call stephen 416-535-3512 or email [email protected] Ice maintenance: once only



E-mail from Councillor Lindsay Luby's office to O.L. and, cc to Terry Hickingbottom

Further to your e-mails below, Terry Hickingbottom, Supervisor, Active Living, advises that Buttonwood Rink was delayed in opening as there was an issue with the compressor which needed attention. The issue was resolved and staff were able to cool the pad on Friday. The pad had skaters on it last evening and although the ice is not as thick as other locations, it will continue to build over the next few days weather permitting. There is no menu selection on the 338 RINK line for any of the Etobicoke York minor pads as they are all drop in facilities.

Tuesday Dec.9, from to Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby

Thanks for getting the answers so quickly. I have posted your response on the Buttonwood Rink blog.

As for the city "rink hotline" not having drop-in rink information for your ward, may I suggest that they simply add the opening dates for the drop-in rinks to the city's recorded information, as they do for the larger drop in rinks like e.g. City Hall?

It only takes a moment, and it would be a help to rink users who don't want to go to their neighbourhood a rink only to find it's not open yet.

Also, the City's web site still gives Dec.6 as the Buttonwood opening day: I'm sure you agree that it would be good to keep the City's web site updated, again so that rink users could rely on it.


Sir Adam Beck

E-mail from Kevin Bowser, manager of City Outdoor Rinks

Have asked the Supervisor to follow up with the LGH. Can you be specific about the day and time you were at Sir Adam Beck?

* Note: "LGH" may refer to the "Lead Hand" designation of the ice maintenance staff.

Monday December 8, 2008


At 6pm the ice is busy is full of hockey players, 30 in all. There are also some in the rinkhouse. The ice is snowy and players want to know when the Zamboni is coming. The staff person on duty doesn't know. He calls Dufferin Grove, but staff there don't know either. It seems unlikely the Zamboni will be coming.

Players also want to know if there is a permit tonight. The staff person says there isn't. However, shortly before 8 a man shows up saying he has a permit. At 8, the staff person tells the drop-in players they have to leave the ice. They aren't happy.

Last year there were arguments between permit players, many of whom live outside the neighbourhood, and the drop-in shinny players who live nearby. Some of the local players make a point of saying Campbell is their rink. Shortly after 8, a local shinny player arrives with two friends. He is visibly annoyed that there's a permit. (Last winter this same fellow got into an argument with players from another permit group.) He wants to know if there are twelve players on the ice. He says the permit group has to have at least twelve players. If they don't, they can't have the ice to themselves.

The staff person, who is new, doesn't know if that's true or not. However, this permit group does have twelve players. The local shinny player asks the permit players if they will share the ice. The permit group says no. There is no trouble, but the local player is very unhappy.



Weather: high -3 celsius, low -11 (earlier). Lots of schoolkids during the day. At about 4 pm, rec staff discovered that someone had stolen the skate lending money of about $50 plus three $50 deposits left by skaters instead of i.d. It turns out that the newer staff had noticed that someone had stuck a pen in the skateroom door so the door wouldn't close properly. He kicked it out, but by then it must have been too late.

The rink has had money stolen in the first week almost every year of its operation. Do crooks plan this all out in September? So now everyone is on alert, and checking the skateroom door neurotically to make sure it's locked. The skate-rental money is supposed to pay for the new skate-sharpening machine. It's annoying to think it's in somebody's pocket instead, although there is a bit of amazement at the skill of the crooks.



Trinity Rink opened for the season.


Wallace Emerson

Wallace got only one ice resurfacing the whole day.


Albert Campbell

At 9.30 pm the rink is unsupervised but the music is on and the ice is good. There are six youth there in the semi-dark, three hanging out and three skating. One of the skaters is practising his backward skating, very gracefully.



Letter to from user O.L. (:letter:) Hey,

On your website it say that Buttonwood Rink was suppose to be open on December 6th. I visited the rink and found only one thin layer of ice down and the gates locked. I know this rink is not high priority for the city because itís so small, but maybe you could get some updated information for your website to let others know when it opens.

Monday December 8 2008, reply from to Orest Leshchyshen, cc'd to City Councillor [email protected]|Gloria Lindsay Luby, City outdoor ice rinks manager Kevin Bowser, and City rink information line staff Kelly McInnes at [email protected].

I'm sorry you were disappointed by our wrong information on The problem is that we are not an official city site and so it's sometimes tough for us to find out about delays in opening. However, let's try to follow up now. I'm cc'ing this e-mail to your City Councillor and also to the manager of city rinks. The city has its own "rink hotline" but if you tried it, you will note that Buttonwood Rink is left off their announcements. That's strange, because your rink is in a great location and I think it gets a lot of use from local youth -- of which you may be one, am I right? (Because you started your e-mail with "hey.")

Please let me know what the city rink staff's answer is, to your question. For now, we'll write that it did not open on December 6 and we're awaiting an update. Perhaps the city's information line staff will be able to find out -- I've cc'd her on this also.


Sir Adam Beck

December 8, 2008, e-mail to Kevin Bowser, manager of City Outdoor Rinks, from

(:letter:) On the weekend I was at Sir Adam Beck Rink and a man had just been turned away from skating even though the rink was not in use. The lead hand told me that he hadn't been told during his training that he could let people skate outside of scheduled public skating times, if there is no permit. He therefore turned that skater away, but said he would check with his supervisor today. Could you let me know whether that rink issue has been clarified: are there rinks in the city which are kept locked for certain hours of the day, in case someone might later on purchase a permit for that time slot?


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