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Holidays Rinks Diary (December 25, 26 and January 1st)

hands across the water: Australia-Uruguay snow shovel crew

Christmas Day 2009 outdoor skating:

All city rinks are unlocked, but most are without zamboni staff. There was snow on the rinks from Christmas Eve: but with some skaters and shovels, it's soon removed.

Rinks with zamboni crew (i.e. OPEN): Nathan Phillips Square and Albert Campbell Square.

Harbourfront's Natrel Rink is open with skate rental from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (This rink is not run by the City of Toronto).

Neighbourhood rinks that are cleared and OPEN: Dufferin, Wallace, and Campbell. These rinks all have skate rentals and change rooms open today until 5.

taking water off when the zamboni doesn't show up

Dec. 26: Boxing Day

Many rinks are OPEN even if the building is closed. Some rinks have their change rooms open too:

Rinks that are OPEN for skating, with change rooms open too: Nathan Phillips Square. Harbourfront's Natrel Rink is open with skate rental from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (This rink is not run by the City of Toronto).

Neighbourhood rinks that are OPEN, with good ice: Dufferin, Wallace, and Campbell. These rinks all have skate rentals and change rooms open today until 9.

2008-2009 Season
Thursday December 25, 2008

Barbara Ann Scott

The rink has good ice, despite the lack of maintenance -- the rain last night really helped. A couple of kids are playing shinny hockey.

this rink has a heated garage but no zamboni

good ice in the middle of downtown


Colder and sunny. However the rink had to stay closed because the piles of snow left by the ice maintenance crew yesterday were frozen and stuck to the ice. The only skater today was a young boy who came with his mom in the morning. She said her son wanted to try on his new skates and that there was enough good ice for him to that.

Rows of frozen snow left by plough
Click to enlarge

No place on the rink for hockey
Click to enlarge

City Hall

At 1.45 pm on Christmas Day, the rink was very full of skaters.



Weather: sunny, high 0, low -8.

first skaters on Christmas morning

10 a.m.: the first skaters have straggled in, some with new skates. Last night's rain turned the ice into a beautiful smooth sheet, so it's no problem that no ice maintenance staff are scheduled for today. All the skaters are smiling. Inside the rink clubhouse, the coffee is on and staff are just lighting a fire in the woodstove.

By early afternoon there are lots of skaters at the rink, all of them cheerful. It's sunny, the ice is still okay despite the lack of resurfacing, and it's Christmas -- plenty to be cheerful about!


Christie Pits

No maintenance. A couple of people came to try to skate, but the ice was too cratered, and they went home again.



The rink was open and busy from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Hodgson Rink was open and staffed on Christmas Day.



No maintenance, not skateable.



The rink is open, with good ice and five skaters, of whom one is wearing a Santa hat and one has a hockey stick. All wave when I tell them I'm taking a photo for It's a beautiful day and the skaters look very pleased.



At 1.30 pm the rink had lots of people skating and parent-child shinny on the hockey pad. The pleasure-skating pad ice looked good despite the scheduled absence of Christmas Day ice maintenance. The rain on Wednesday evening was like a free scrape and flood, so that all the rinks that had their snow plowed off earlier on Wednesday had smooth, hard ice on Christmas morning. On the hockey side, the nets had been pulled in toward the west, suggesting that the ice on the east side might be a bit rough.

The rink change rooms were open, although no staff was in sight. A knock at the windowless office door did not get an answer, but another knock, and opening the door, revealed a building attendant sitting at the desk, with his arm in a sling. He didn't have much to say, except that he didn't know anything about how the ice clearing went on rainy Wednesday. He said he was just filling in for someone.

A hand-lettered sign on the change room door said "No ice maintenance today. Rink closes at 6 pm SHARP."

On the ice, people seemed to be enjoying their skating a great deal -- lots of smiles and "Merry Christmas" greetings, and "bravo's" for the big scorers on the shinny hockey side.

new skates for Christmas

Christmas Day shinny hockey

Inside the change room, the new bulletin board had been put up, with a drawing of a proposed rink building renovation, long overdue. The drawing showed a larger "activity room" (skate change room) and a smaller staff room. Right now the staff room is as big as the change room, and it looks as though it may at one time have been a team change room.

The bulletin board also had a request for community ideas about the renovation. Hopefully someone, staff or skater, will suggest a window in the staff room. Invisible staff make no sense! And the staff should be able to see the rink from inside, as well.

Late in the day some more news came from the adult shinny group. It sounds like the large message gap between the maintenance staff and the program staff in this department has had a few particularly bad effects at this rink. The traditional Christmas morning shinny game got bumped by children's shinny, despite assurances given to the adult group, right from the Parks director's office, that their game was a go.

However the rink supervisor made a special trip to the rink to assure the adult shinny group that the Boxing Day game would have good ice and the rink would be open, weather permitting.

Friday December 26


Weather: high 3, low -4 (n the morning -- then rose in the evening). Snow in the morning, then cloudy. The zamboni worked a lot of the morning, because snow was falling. The snow stopped around noon, and then the ice got better. Steady but not crowded today.



The plow came in the early afternoon, the zamboni after that -- skateable by about 4 pm (report from rink neighbor).


Kew Gardens

There was never an answer to the email above.

On this day: Parent and child shinny, parents say it is the best and that they wish they had more hours, other parents say that during the holidays it is well attended (requiring shifts of little kids and their parents!) but that usually it is more calm. There must be 30 people on the ice. The kids are suited up with hockey pads, jerseys and helmets, most adults have helmets but some don't.

The outdoor information board has a too small copy of the schedule and the brochure which is basically to high for any non professional basket ball player to read and again the type is too small. However efforts have been made: the staff have a stack of schedules available and there is an innovative note on the outdoor board by the rink saying "find staff over there" with an arrow.

Inside the changerooms it is as dismal, although clean, as ever. The ice is good, they are getting a minimum of 3 floods and scrapes a day, sometimes 5. Staff are friendly. Staff have made another invention: they have a sign up sheet for helmets and they put duct tape on the helmets (official ones from the city "Nike") so that people write down their names to borrow a helmet and staff have 6 helmets available!

As usual there is a lot of ice to navigate between the rink and the staff room. Also the pathways to the rink for the boardwalk, Lee avenue and Waverley are not cleared.



A trio of skaters 9pm
Click to enlarge

The rink was ploughed out at about 2:15 and then the Zamboni finished repairing the ice at 4pm. The staff said the nets couldn't be put on the ice because it was "soft," but the skaters rightly pointed out that the ice was not soft, so the staff let them bring the nets back on. "Three days without ice, and then no nets for shinny! It's too much. "


Christie Pits

The plows came and the ice was resurfaced, and the rink reopened.

Thursday January 1, 2009


starting the new year with a skate

Weather: sunny and started off very cold (-14 C in the morning), then milder, eventually up to -5. Low of -4.

The rink had its busiest day since it was rebuilt in 1993. Many of the other outdoor rinks that were open across the city were also very full. Poor North York -- all their rinks except the one at Mel Lastman Square were locked.

The central rinks didn't have any zamboni staff for the day (only the Etobicoke rinks got ice maintenance staff), so the rink staff and users did ice maintenance manually (with the green scrapers) three times: at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.


Wallace Emerson

"pond" side

how not to do ice maintenance -- some work and some chat

A fine day, cold but clear, with a LOT of skaters, everyone in a good mood and "Happy New Year"-ing each other.

Ice maintenance: zamboni crew were only scheduled for Etobicoke on New Year's Day. So at Wallace Rink there was manual ice maintenance only (snowshovels and green ice scrapers) done by rec staff and skaters: 11am, 6:30pm.


High Park

The city holiday schedule says that High Park rink is open but without supervision. In actual fact, there are two staff there -- a zamboni driver and his assistant. They are sitting in the observation office. Because of the holiday, there are no program staff or rink guards where the actual skaters are. But there are plenty of skaters, both on the shinny hockey pad and on the pleasure-skating side, many looking like they're having a very good time.

shinny hockey on New Year's Day

lots of pleasure-skating

The change area is not well signed but it has many new rubber mats leading both to the men's and to the women's swimming pool changerooms. Newly arriving skaters are hesitant about whether they're supposed to go to their assigned gender areas, but they soon figure out that the signs are not meant for winter.

the change rooms now have plenty of rubber skate mats

zamboni tent -- snug with straw bales

The zamboni tent has straw bales at the bottom, to keep the zamboni warmer. It looks a bit like a little barn where goats might be kept -- snug.


Giovanni Caboto

The city holiday schedule says that this rink is open but unsupervised. The steps and ramp are unshovelled and the front door is locked as before, but there's a new, more colourful hand-lettered sign saying that the rink must be accessed "by the gate" instead of the door. A few skaters try the door and then look around to where the gate might be. The parked St.Clair Right-of-Way construction trailers are still blocking the gate, but it's possible to slip between the vehicles and find the way in.

the rink staff say this is not the "real" entrance to the rink

finding the path between the construction trailers

music playing

fresh ice

Once inside the fence, it's evident that there must be some rink supervision somewhere, since the ice appears to be freshly resurfaced and the speaker attached to the light standard has music playing. There are a few pleasure skaters, and another few shinny hockey players, but more are changing into their skates. No sign of the zamboni driver. His (unlabelled) door is shut and the front desk, very nicely located by the locked front door, is empty. So are the various change rooms, one of which is blocked off by a bench. But some washrooms are open, and they're clean.

New Year's Day shinny hockey

the locked front door, empty entrance, unlabelled staff door


11.50 a.m. The game was on, although there were only 11 players, meaning that some of them looked wiped -- two hours with no subs! The rink attendant said he had cleaned the ice with the rink scrapers before 9 a.m. (he said a few people helped), so it was in good shape despite the lack of zamboni staff. On New Year's Day only the Etobicoke rinks had zamboni staff.

a fun game but....

...after two hours with no subs -- bushed!

There were only four kids and a dad waiting for their shinny hockey time, starting at 11 a.m., so nobody seemed to be put out by this schedule change.


Christie Pits

snowy rink

A beautiful sunny day, but a pretty snowy rink. No ice maintenance on New Year's Day except in Etobicoke. So in the afternoon, staff and rink users cleaned off the snow at 1 pm with shovels.


Glen Long

There was never an answer to the e-mail offering a "rink open for public skating" sign for the holidays.

The City's holiday rink schedules showed many outdoor rinks in Etobicoke and central Toronto open for New Year's Day. But it said that North Toronto outdoor rinks, except for Mel Lastman, would be closed.

The North York rinks were as good as their word. Despite the nice weather, and despite outdoor rinks in other parts of the city being lively with families and "Happy New Year" wishes exchanged among neighbours, Glen Long Rink was locked, with a new sign: Rink Closed. There was no other sign explaining when the rink would be open again.

Rink Closed, plus duct tape

view from the rink -- there are lots of people living nearby


The rink was really full of people, the big parking lot had no spaces left. There was a big shinny game and there were lots of people skating around the tree. The ice was excellent -- the zamboni driver said he's been assigned to work 10 to 6, all by himself -- no rink staff at all! He said it's strange to have only himself there as staff. But the scene looked verv friendly, lots of Happy New Year's, nobody acting foolish, so that they would have needed direction from a rink guard.

The zamboni driver said that they have not lost one day all season so far.

the view out the rink clubhouse window

skating around the trees


The ice was snowy and in the afternoon at 4.30 pm, some hockey players took the snow off with the scrapers (green shovels). Better hockey after that. No ice maintenance crew on duty except for Etobicoke rinks.



early evening at Trinity Rink, January 1

There were pleasure skaters on the ice and two rink guards in the building. The ice was rather snowy, since there had been no ice maintenance since yesterday, but the rink guards said they are not allowed to use shovels to clear snow off the ice. They said there used to be those big green rink scrapers at Trinity Rink,. to clear the snow off the ice, but they had been removed so that no one would use them.

2007-2008 Season


Wednesday Dec.26

Boxing Day. The zamboni came only once but the driver went over the ice two times and afterwards it was good again. By 1.30 there were seven shinny players, with another seven changing into skates. They said they love Campbell Rink because it's not so crowded, "but don't tell people about it!"

Tuesday Dec.25

Christmas Day. The rink was in such bad shape that it had to be closed.

rink guard closing the rink on Christmas Day

There were holes and gouges all over the rink. One young man skating there said he's been coming to the rink all his life since he lives around the corner, and he never saw it this bad. The problem was that after the plentiful rain two days earlier, no maintenance had occurred before the rain froze, making a lot of shell ice all over the rink. The single visit by the zamboni on the next day did not fix the problem, and then on Christmas Day no zamboni staff were booked. The ice surface was full of holes, underneath a thin layer of snow, so the rink was unavailable for three days instead of one.

ice surface was full of treacherous holes because of shell ice

too dangerous for skating


Tuesday January 1

Overnight there was snow, then rain, then snow again. In the morning it was 0 degrees and still snowing and all the rinks were closed. Rink staff shoveled the walkways while a truck with a little plow on it worked to remove the heavy snow from the rink. Under the snow the ice was awful -- bumpy and rutted.

snowy day

By late morning the rink house was filling up fast, including a large group of Muslim girls in hijabs, with a leader who wore a kind of modern burka -- eyes only. Wonderful, interesting Toronto! Outside, the snow stopped falling and the zamboni began to scrape after the plow was done. By 1.30 the rink was open on the hockey side. By 2.30 the pleasure-skating side was done too -- none too soon, because no more skaters could have fit on the one side.

The trees in the park stayed snowy long after the snow stopped falling, and the little hill near Dufferin Street had tobogganers and sledders going down. Those groups also came to the rink house, to dry off and to eat Mary Sylwester's soup. It was a very cheerful scene, with lots of "happy New Year!!!" and "isn't the snow beautiful in the trees?"

By late afternoon the temperature began to drop fast. Lots of people went home to stay warm. By 10.30 it was -7 celsius. But: the compressors were still running. That's not supposed to happen now that the City spent $10.4 million to do energy retrofits at the rinks. Central computers are supposed to regulate the individual rink compressors so they shut off when it's cold enough for ice to stay frozen. And in the rink garage, when the door opens, the big ceiling heater is supposed to shut off. But it doesn't, so if a zamboni driver forgets to shut the door, the heaters crank it out, heating the great outdoors.

Wednesday Dec.26

High 1 celsius, low - 1. Boxing Day, with the traditional crowds and then some, skating off their Christmas turkey dinners. So many families, and so many of them apparently knowing how to have a good time.

strollers on rink help young families

parent-child hockey time

family-friendly rink on Boxing Day
Tuesday Dec.25

High -1 celsius, low -3. Christmas Day. Slow pickup but then steady level of rink users all day. The earliest arrivals were the kids who "live" at the rink and who probably didn't get anything for Christmas except a hung-over parent. One of them just turned 18 last week, is still a kid though. He was in a really bad mood, swore at Heidrun when she told him not to smoke on the ice, refused to yield the ice to the 12-and-under-group when it was their time. The staff told him to leave the rink and he refused that too. So the staff tried something new -- they called "Corporate Security," a unit that helps when rules or bylaws are broken and the police don't come.

A corporate security staff person came within 10 - 15 minutes, talked to staff first, then escorted this youth off the ice and out of the building. Everybody was sad to do it to this kid in particular. But it was good to have the security people be seen by the other youth there. They know the police rarely respond to bylaw enforcement calls from the rink staff, and so they think they have the staff over a barrel. But they don't.

The hockey rink got pretty full from afternoon on because the other nearby rinks were in such rotten shape after the rain on Sunday, and the missing ice maintenance.


Kew Gardens


3 pm Rink locked up with 14 hockey players who climbed the fence. Half in helmets. No 'skate at your own risk' sign.

This rink looks as though there's been no maintenance in at least 24 hours..depending when it was last open.

No schedules up outside.


Wallace Emerson

Tuesday Jan.1

The big snow from the nighttime stayed on until early afternoon, then the crew cleaned it off, the rink was skateable by 4 pm.

Wednesday Dec.26:

Ice much better after remedial maintenance; rink amazingly crowded, with families, youth, kids with their cousins. This rink is awaking up!

Tuesday Dec.25

Christmas Day. Quite a few people came to skate but left because the ice had holes in it from before.


Giovanni Caboto

Wednesday Dec.26

2 pm, Boxing Day: The rink was open even though the rink schedule said it would be closed both Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Apparently there had been some confusion in scheduling, in that the zamboni operator was told to come from 10am to 6pm, but the rink guards were cancelled for the day. A rink guard happened to pass by and the zamboni driver asked him to work, so he did.

The ice was in good condition. There were six hockey players and two more putting on their skates, plus six pleasure skaters and three more putting on their skates. There's construction going on somewhere in the area and so the rink is sort of hidden behind construction trailers.

This rink works differently than the nearby City of Toronto rinks in that it has a zamboni operator on site at the rink for at least 8 hours a day. However the ice gets the same amount of maintenance as other double pads. This leaves the zamboni operator with a considerable amount of down time. The rink is also different in that it seems to close completely (be locked) for an entire hour while the rink maintenance happens.

There is an unused changeroom with a door leading right out to the ice, which is kept locked, plus another changeroom with another door that is used only as a staff room. The zamboni operator has his own unmarked office near the entryway but without any window toward the rink side. Meantime skaters must change in a hallway whose lights are not working right now. There is some light from the windows in the exit doors but it's still really dingy.

The rink is accessible for skating from 9 am to 3 pm from an outside gate leading off a kind of construction road that's quite hard to find. Meantime there's a gate leading from St.Clair Avenue right beside the rink building entrance, onto the pleasure-skating side. But that gate is apparently kept locked.

It was tricky to discover what exactly the hours of rink access are, but it did seem clear that there are some elements in the running of this rink that may discourage most rink users from coming very often, or at all. Too bad -- this is a relatively new rink with very good ice.

As we were leaving, an elderly man (who said he's lived in the area for 40 years) was asking the rink staff why the rink is so often locked. He was also unhappy about the lights being broken in the hallway where skaters must change.

pleasure skaters on Boxing Day

construction trailers block the view of the rink from the street

High Park

Tuesday Dec 25

Christmas Day shinny at High Park

11am The changeroom is locked, but the rink gate is open. No one is skating but a man and a woman are changing into skates on the benches at the side of the pleasure rink. During the next hour more people arrive. For most of the hour there are 8-10 people on the pleasure rink. By noon there are five shinny players on the hockey pad. At noon more skaters are arriving. A group of two men and two women are chatting in Russian. Another woman is speaking to her son in that language as well.

The ice on the leisure pad is a bit soft and there is snow at the corners. However, the ice is good enough for a pleasant skate. The ice on the hockey pad is harder and smoother. Between the benches and the rink surface there is a lot of rough ice where snow has melted. This makes getting on and off the ice tricky. People who changed their skates on the benches had trouble making their way to the ice surface.

One of the skaters is a man in his sixties who grew up in the High Park area. He has just returned to the area from Vancouver where he had been living. He says he skates at High Park every day and the rink is never very busy. He also says that about a week ago the ice had turned to mush.

He recalled that when he was a boy in the late fifties and early sixties, it was common for hundreds of people to be skating at High Park. He says High Park rink used to have a lively social scene. Boys and girls would come here to meet each other. He also says the rink used to be open on Christmas. Children would get skates or hockey equipment for presents which they would try out at High Park.

Christmas Day pleasure skating

Christmas Day shinny

2006-2007 Season


Dec.25, 2006

High 5 celsius, low 0. Cloudy, but no rain until evening. The ice was good. Despite the fact that no ice maintenance was booked for Christmas Day, the rink got two visits from a zamboni driver. Quite busy in the afternoon -- building closed at 6 p.m. but still many people out on the ice. Lots of people signing the "stair petition." The "City Rinks hot line" is busy -- mostly people calling for information on Nathan Phillips Square, Scarborough Centre, and Mel Lastman Square. Maybe it's time for the City to publish those phone numbers?

Staff closed the rink at 6, went back at 8 pm to find the window in the rink-side door smashed, evidence that someone had been inside and tried (unsuccessfully) to break into the zamboni cafe.

Dec.26 2006

High 3 celsius, low minus 1. Cloudy. Rink very very busy. Broken window was repaired. Many people signing the stair petition, especially youth. Lots of them say they wiped out on the slippery access path in the past.

Jan.1 2007

High 9 celsius, low plus 1, sunny in the morning. Because it had rained a good deal in the evening as well as being warm and sunny, the ice had some wet patches (but not very soft). As soon as the ice gets wet, the many leaves and dirt patches underneath become very visible. Despite the wet patches, the rink was once again very full, and there was a skate-loan lineup almost continuously. The rink is monitored continuously these days because of the crowding, but it's a strain.

Many, many calls in the rink hot line, the majority for Nathan Phillips Square.

Jimmie Simpson

January 1 2007, mid afternoon.

Rink has about 15 people on it. Only one pad so a little practice on net at one end of the rink with some pleasure skaters doing the old circle around and around, and around. A crowd of 10 odd teens, friends of staff it seems, crowd into the staff office.

2002-2003 Season


From the January 2003 Park Newsletter

FUN WITH SNOW SHOVELS: during the two big snowfalls this winter so far (Christmas Day and Jan.3), rink staff got out the old green rink shovels that have been rusting quietly in the rink's storage breezeway. With the help of rink users, the staff were able to clear enough ice to make skating possible and even to let a hockey permit go on. Both times all rinks in the west end - except Dufferin Rink - were closed. Rink shovellers got a great work-out and then they had the pleasure of the rink.

For hockey players, we have the green rink shovels available when there's too much snow to move the puck (e.g. a sudden snow flurry) and no zamboni. The shovels can only be used with staff working alongside and all the snow MUST be shovelled right off the rink, not left in piles that would obstruct the zamboni when it comes later. But using those big shovels is fun when it's done right. And a successful rink clearing yields a food reward: one mini-pizza, one cookie, and one juice box, free for every shoveller Ė to keep their strength up.

FOOD PUZZLE Park staff and park friends started making cookies at the park back in the winter of 1995 because we wanted to civilize the rink and we thought the pleasant smell of baking in the change area might help. The cookies made such a difference that we realized that part of the reason for the bad behaviour of some youthful shinny hockey players might have been that they had been skating for three hours and they were HUNGRY. So we added apples and then we added mini-pizzas and fruit juice, and when we started baking bread in the outdoor oven we added the 25-cent slices of organic bread and butter. The mood of the youth at the rink improved hugely. At the beginning we didnít think so much about what rink-house food would mean to families with little kids. But now many people tell us that they can get their reluctant kids out of the house to the rink very happily if they just promise them a mini-pizza. (A humble incentive indeed.) But whatís the good of that if there are frustrating line-ups and when you get to the head of the line, the last mini-pizza has just been sold? The staff practically trip over each other in the minuscule kitchen; sometimes the pace is so intense itís hard for them to even get out to restock toilet paper or apply a band-aid.

The food at the park is meant to bring people together, not to annoy and frustrate them. We have to change some things to make it flow better. The park staff are meeting as this newsletter is coming out, to try and put their finger on solvable problems. All suggestions on how to structure the kitchen better are welcome. Please, help out here if you have good ideas!

Beyond that, if you, dear reader, live close to another rink and you find that the crowds at Dufferin Rink are getting to you, consider trying to make your own neighbourhood rink work better for you. Itís not rocket science, and if you want to know some simple hints about what worked for us, who the city contacts are, and how to groom your rink staff so they work with you instead of against you, weíre happy to tell.

2001-2002 Season


From the January 2002 newsletter:

During the holidays (Dec.24 to Jan.6), attendance broke all records. This was apparently true at many city rinks, perhaps because of a combination of excellent skating weather and the long break many parents took this year to do things with their kids. Still we were the busiest. So hereís a suggestion: if you like Dufferin Rink, don't tell too many other people about it, so we don't get swamped. Second suggestion: if you live near a city rink that isn't run very well, tell that Park supervisor to do better. Everyone's local rink ought to be a welcoming, comfortable place that enforces skating rules and makes things easier for families. Too many people tell us about rinks where shinny hockey is played during pleasure skating times, where the change areas are dreary and even frightening, where the teenage staff are surly or invisible. A poorly-run rink is a shameful waste of a beautiful winter resource. We'd be happy to pass along our experiences to people in other areas who want to make their rink work better.

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