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Parks Forestry and Recreation Full Time Equivalent increases

Response to a request for information from Parks:

I am responding to your request from Brenda Librecz, General Manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation for the number of positions and salary by category comparing 2006 with 2003:

The number of budget FTEs increased from 3,592.7 in 2003 to 4,005.8.

Out of the increase in FTEs, close to 100 FTEs are transfers from another City Division due to disentanglement of administrative functions (customer service, finance, staff support, payroll and compliance). These staff are in Management and Exempt (non-union positions) and Clerical, Technical and Professional categories. More spesifically, the increase in Management positions are due to staff transfers.

The remainder of the staff increase is strictly for new and enhanced service delivery in Recreation programs, Parks and Forestry areas and Asian Long Horned Beetle (funded 100% by the Federal Government) and are approved by Council over a period of 5 years . The majority of the positions are for temporary, seasonal and part time staff for "Clean and Beautiful" and "Our Common Grounds" projects and additional parkland and community spaces added (e.g., Wellesley Community Centre).

The numbers provided are budget numbers. At any given point of time, some of the positions would be vacant, therefore, the actual number of FTEs may be less.

I trust this answers your question.

Yours truly,

Ann Ulusoy, BA, CMA
Director, Management Services
Parks, Forestry and Recreation
City of Toronto

Here is (a reproduction of) the chart that accompanied Ms. Ulusoy's email:

PF&R Workforce Summary 2003
Change In
Change In
Management and Exempt Staff 202.0 262.0 60.0 14,936.4 21,949.4 7013.00
Clerical, Technical, Professional (Local 79) 456.2 583.0 126.8 21,364.7 31,683.0 10,318.30
Hourly/Operations (Local 416) 1,270.6 1,476.0 105.4 51,985.4 67,729.4 15,744.00
Students/Recreation Workers (Local 79) 1,563.9 1,684.8 120.9 37,267.5 41,354.8 4,087.30
Total 3,592.7 4,005.8 413.1 125,554.0 162,716.6 37,162.60

"FTE" means "Full-time-equivalent."

Note that these are budget figures, not actual, and that the budget amounts are millions of dollars. The payroll totals do not include bemefits, which are calculated at 24% for management, for CUPE Local 416 workers, and for full-time CUPE Local 79 workers. Part-time recreation workers (CUPE Local 79) have 15% benefits.

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