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posted August, 2007

City Council has said that outdoor rinks will not open until January 2008 as a cost-cutting measure. Here's a better plan.

from CELOS, Centre for local research into public space. See also

A better short-term rink plan:

Open the following twelve rinks on November 16:

1. Rennie Rink (double pad, hockey league, closest to Etobicoke)

2. Dufferin Rink (double pad)

3. Wallace-Emerson Rink (double pad, women's hockey)

4. Harry Gairey Rink (double pad, NHL Hockey in the Neighbourhood))

5. Hodgson Rink (double pad)

6. Ramsden Rink (double pad)

7. Jimmie Simpson Rink (single pad, NHL Hockey in the Neighbourhood)

8. Greenwood Rink (double pad)

9. Dieppe Rink (double pad)

10. Kew Rink (single pad, high usage, closest to Scarborough)

11. Nathan Phillips Square (single pad, high usage, city square)

12. Mel Lastman Rink (single pad, high usage, city square)

Maintenance: permanent staff only. Note that this is one less rink than the City kept open with permanent staff only in March 2006. All rinks operated by roving operators, zambonis stay at rinks. Snow shovels available at all rinks, shovelling supervision by rink guards. Ice quality can be good.

Rink staffing: casual rink staff.

Income to help with rink staffing costs:

1. every rink must have $2000 permit income per rink (permits only after 9 pm -- high demand and no interference with youth/child shinny hockey)

2. have rink staff sell canned/bottled drinks and pre-packaged snacks (minimum) at every rink. Net income per rink for December: $3000.

Follow-up rink plan:

Open the remaining outdoor rinks on Dec.22. Close all rinks on the last Sunday in February (save energy costs by not staying open in March).

Long-term rink plan:

Improve outdoor rink operation beginning this winter, to gain more users, use less energy, have better ice maintenance, attract more permit revenue.

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