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Minutes for Meeting with: Centre for Local Research into Public Space (CELOS), prepared by the office of Councillor Janet Davis

Regarding: Artificial Ice Rinks
Date: February 20, 2009
Jutta Mason, Centre for Local Research into Public Space (CELOS) Mayssan Shuja Uddin, PFR part-time staff and CELOS, Centre for Research Malcolm Bromley, City of Toronto, PFR Director Community Recreation Kevin Bowser, City of Toronto, PFR Manager Parks, West District Janet Davis, Councillor (Ward 31, Beaches-East York) & Community, Development & Recreation Chair.



1. Introductions and Agenda

  • Participants attending introduced themselves
  • Janet Davis proposed an agenda for the meeting and outlined her role as Chair of Community Development and Recreation. She expressed her interest in discussing city-wide recreation policy concerns, getting to understand better what CELOS is and what its priorities are
  • Jutta Mason expressed the view that the agenda should include receiving answers to the questions forwarded in advance.
  • It was agreed that the meeting would focus on program and access issues, rather than detailed maintenance issues; and staff would forward written answers to the questions, and meet with Jutta following the exchange of this information

2. Jurisdiction between Parks and Recreation

  • Janet Davis described her understanding of the jurisdictional divisions between the Parks department and the Recreation department (policy for recreation programming is within the purview of Community Development and Recreation Committee, which Janet Davis chairs, and operational issues are within the purview of the Parks and Environment Committee, which Paula Fletcher chairs).
  • Jutta Mason reported this information contradicts the information provided to her last year by her local Councillorís office (Adam Giambrone) and Paula Fletcher. Janet Davis said she is the new chair of Community Development and Recreation, and so she will confirm how the issues related to AIRs are divided between the two committees (see action items).

3. Priorities for city-wide recreation issues

  • Jutta Mason outlined CELOS concerns regarding recreation policy issues. Both she and the second CELOS member pointed out the connection between operational issues and recreation program deliver. Janet Davis and PFR staff agreed with the point of interconnectivity.
  • In particular Jutta Mason pointed out the need for both shinny hockey and leisure skate opportunities, for consistent signage, for harmonized programming across the city, and for better communication and outreach by PFR (i.e. website and hotlines). She outlined specific issues in North York (see action items).
  • Malcolm Bromley said that PFR is creating a skating service plan to address those very concerns. Jutta Mason/CELOS wants to participate from the beginning; she wants to be consulted on the process not simply the final product. PFR staff agreed to invite Jutta Mason/CELOS to the next PFR staff skating committee meeting (see action items).

4. Working relationship

  • Janet Davis acknowledged that this meeting did not address all the agenda items that Jutta Mason had wanted to discuss, but Janet wanted her to know that she found this meeting informative and productive. She said that she hoped to continue to work together in the future, and encouraged Jutta to contact her with concerns.

5. Follow up

  • Janet Davis reviewed action items below to ensure all meeting participants understood what was agreed to and who was responsible for making it happen.

Action Items:

1) Councillor Janet Davis will speak with PFR General Manager Brenda Patterson and Councillor Paula Fletcher (Ward 30, Toronto-Danforth) to confirm jurisdictional division of Artificial Ice Rinks (AIRs) concerns between the Community, Development & Recreation Committee (chaired by Councillor Davis) and the Parks & Environment Committee (chaired by Councillor Fletcher).

2) PFR staff will draft a written response to Jutta Mason/CELOSí specific questions regarding Artificial Ice Rink (AIRs) maintenance/operations/staffing. That written response will be provided in advance of a meeting between PFR staff and Jutta Mason/CELOS. This meeting will include the PFR Parks Director (to be determined), PFR Community Recreation Director (Malcolm Bromley), PFR Manager Parks, West District (Kevin Bowser), and the General Manager (Brenda Patterson) if possible. Both the written response and in person meeting will be sent and scheduled as soon as possible.

3) Malcolm Bromley will contact staff in the North District to ensure temporary signs regarding Shinny Hockey and Leisure Skating times are installed by next week (temporary signs were installed by the end of the day on February 20, 2009).

4) Jutta/CELOS will be invited to present at a PFR staff skating committee meeting (Malcolm Bromley will arrange this). Items to present on include: lessons learned, successes, community engagement, etc

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