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February 13 2009

E-mail from Janet Davis: Thank you for the detailed list of proposed discussion items for our meeting. I will discuss these with PF&R staff in preparation for the meeting, and determine the best way to deal with them. I look forward to seeing you next week!

February 9 2009

City Councillor Janet Davis, the new chair of the City Hall committee in charge of outdoor rinks (among many other things), has agreed to meet with two people from on February 20. Here is the agenda.

January 30, 2009

Hello rink supporters,

1. The good news: thanks to all of you (so many!) who wrote to Councillor Davis. She has replied to the letter (attached) and said she would meet, but it can't be soon (the City budget meetings are imminent). We wrote back and said it would be fine to wait, as long as the meeting takes place within the current rink season (i.e up to March 15), and preferably at a rink instead of City Hall.

2. The dicey news: Recreation staff at Dufferin Rink and the other two Ward 18 rinks have a special rule applied only to them: they are not to communicate directly with the Parks zamboni drivers about rink ice maintenance. All communication must go through the Parks supervisor. Aah, silos. And maybe too much communication between rec staff and What military secrets need protection?

I'll keep you posted, especially if we find a way to all pull together, city staff and citizens, to get the maximum good from one of our wonderful civic resources -- the outdoor rinks. I've just sent our last year's Outdoor Rinks booklet to Councillor Davis, at the request of Ward 18 City Councillor Adam Giambrone' office. It's kind of a fun read, IMO, and a quick one, with nice pictures.

Jutta Mason

January 28 2009

E-mail: subject line: need your help: and please forward to all your skater and shinny hockey friends has asked for a meeting with City Councillor Janet Davis, the new chair of the committee responsible for outdoor rinks, to discuss the lopsided staffing and other citywide rink problems that need addressing. (See the attachment here for the actual letter). Today, after many e-mails from skaters, she replied, saying yes, but she doesn't know yet when she has time.

In case outdoor rinks fall off the radar again (as they did two years in a row), it would be a big help if you could add your voice (e-mail) to the underline my request for a timely meeting: [email protected], cc [email protected] If you want to cut and paste:

Dear Councillor Davis, our outdoor rinks are a great resource and need your help. I would like to add my voice to the request by Jutta Mason of to meet with you as soon as possible, before the rink season is over, to discuss the rink issues raised in her letter, and possible remedies.

Thanks, dear skaters!!

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