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posted January 10, 2008

October 28, 2007:October News

Today all city rinks would have had excellent ice -- the outdoor ice rink in New York's Central Park is already open.

This is an update of progress here:

October 17: meeting of rink supporters from various parts of the city, and rink researchers, with Kevin Bowser, manager of outdoor rinks. Report of meeting: Oct17 Rinks Meeting. Mr/ Bowser said that all 49 city outdoor rinks will be open by December 8. He also said that the city doesn't know how much it costs to run the outdoor rinks, but hopes to know by January.

October 22: City Council voted to adopt the new taxes, in a modified form that will give the city $175 million extra next year and leave us still $240 million short. That means outdoor rinks will likely be under the gun again, unless we get them solid this coming season. (Can do.)

Since Oct.22 there have been two meetings with Costanza Allevato (Recreation manager for Toronto/East York) to assign staff to fix things in Toronto/East York rinks: mats, benches, signs, schedules. Every rink's individual phone number will be listed. A check of every rink will be finished by Nov.9, so that repair orders can go in if needed. The City's own rink web page is being updated.

There will be a follow-up rink meeting with Mr. Bowser on Friday Nov.2 at Wallace rink. Agenda: November 2 Rink Meeting.

Mr.Bowser said at the October 17th meeting, that the only way the rink season can be changed (to start earlier and end before the sun gets high in March) is if there is community support. CELOS (the little research group that did the rink report rink booklete-book will therefore undertake to visit all city outdoor rinks this winter and find out what skaters want -- not only when to open, but what other changes skaters want for their neighborhood rinks.

If you want a hard copy of the rink booklet, to check your neighborhood rink against, send us an e-mail with your address and we'll send you one, no cost. (We got a grant from the Metcalf Foundation to produce it.) And if you want to let Save Our Rinks know what's not working well at your rink, or if you have a good idea for which you want more support, get in touch. Follow-up is everything!

The Save Our Rinks web site will be updated every week or two all winter, with individual rink reports as well as citywide rink-related news. And don't forget there's a map of all the city's outdoor rinks, with locations, phone numbers etc., that you might want to bookmark: Save Our Rinks/ Rink Maps

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