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posted January 10, 2008

September 25, 2007: City Hall

Wednesday Sept.26 is the City Council meeting where the Mayor is going to propose reversing the Monday closings of community centres. Come on down and have a first-hand look at the drama, the chaos, the press gallery! 9.30 the City Hall Council Chamber.

"Save our rinks" has joined with the Swansea Hockey Association to ask that rinks be included in the reversal of the cuts, on the grounds that they are the winter community centres for many neighbourhoods. Anna Galati and Michael Monatryskyj have spent a good deal of time on the phone over the past two days, trying to pin down councillors on the rink openings (a bit like pinning jelly).

Meantime, it appears that the Parks Department has between 15 and 25 permanent staff who can be redirected from other work to run zambonis, without any extra wage costs. That means that our proposal of a mid-November opening of 12 outdoor rinks Call to Action could easily be achieved, with the rest (only for this year) not opening until Dec.22, still in time for the school holidays.

Being right in the council chamber makes it so much easier to catch the attention of the councillors, and it's a great time to talk to other rink supporters. If you work nearby, if you're a shift worker, if you feel like taking your kids out of school for a civics lesson, come on by and look for the rest of us.

More news tomorrow.

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