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posted January 10, 2008

September 23, 2007: Rink news

Progress report: The community centre closings will make it onto the city council agenda

On Sept.26 or 27, although they are not a listed item. The rinks are not on the list for discussion. But we'll be calling each councillor on Monday Sept. 24 to ask whether s/he is willing to support discussing the rinks at the same time. We agree with the Swansea Hockey Association, that the rinks ARE our winter community centres. After all, December is the busiest month at many rinks (well above 12,000 visits last December at Dufferin Rink, and similar at some of the other rinks).

It's good to write to the councillors NOW and remind them of this fact (Tell your councillor).

It may also be very helpful to have some people at city hall on the 26th or the 27th, just to show we're lively. Shift-workers, writers, people with civic-minded children willing to skip school, shinny-hockey players who work downtown and have a cell phone -- we'll keep you informed as we try to find out when the item will be on. Come down and find out who your friends are.

By the way, the carpenters have been at the rink all week repairing the boards, for the rink season. At the same time, the Toronto Sun reported on Friday that there may soon be a motion to close the neighbourhood rinks permanently. Lots of conflicting news! But the "save our rinks" web site has as much information as we can assemble -- thanks, Corey Chivers and Henrik Bechmann, for getting the site up so fast.

Please pass this e-mail on to your skater friends, and encourage them to sign up for the e-list!!!

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