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posted January 21, 2008

January 21, 2008: This week's bits of rink news, from Jutta Mason

Four bits of news --

1. A shinny player from this list wrote to say that he was getting wrong schedule information for Ramsden and Hodgson. And he was right! A few of last year's schedules are still spooking around some of the rink pages. Web posters Michael Monstyrskyj, Aseel Al Najim and I, and even Henrik Bechmann (the webmaster), are chewing through all the "rink details" pages again to take out more of these floaters, but it's slow going. There's so much other stuff to post because of all our rink visits.

The site is so much about trying to avoid another rink catastrophe and get the outdoor rinks to be run as well as they can be. But the schedule information should be right too, and we're working on it. If you want to know the city's official rink schedule for each rink, best to click on the link under the green "schedule" bar on each "rink details" page.

2. And if you play shinny hockey or like to skate, be glad if you don't live in North York. They have five very good municipal outdoor rinks, but the three with fences/boards around them are off limits for public skating most of the time. Four hours of drop-in shinny and eight hours of pleasure skating a week are the norm. When there's no permit, nobody's allowed to set foot on the ice -- the rinks just sit there empty and locked, we've seen it with our own eyes. Sacrilege!

We've been making the city's rink manager Kevin Bowser and the relevant city councillors aware of this, and talking to the on-site rink staff in North York-- we'll post any changes. 3. John Lorinc wrote a very nice piece about Campbell Rink in the Globe on Saturday (attached). He and his friends play shinny hockey there, so he knows what he's talking about. See Globe Article

4. I've also attached a letter to City Councillor Paula Fletcher, chair of the Parks Committee. Her office said they'd discuss our rink report on January 16, but instead they passed the outdoor rinks to the Recreation Committee, which seems to have no interest in discussing the rinks at this point, at least that we can discover. The letter was cc'd to Mayor David Miller, Parks, Forestry and Recreation general manager Brenda Librecz, and the whole rest of the Parks Committee plus others. Feel free to contact Councillor Fletcher and/or the mayor yourself if you want to suggest to them that the outdoor rinks deserve better attention: [email protected] [email protected]

There's lots of work going on in the background to buck up the outdoor rinks -- every little bit helps.

Cityrinks (have a look at the kids in the home page photo, at Buttonville Rink in North Etobicoke -- shinny hockey is alive and well and coming up through the next generation)

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