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posted January 10, 2008

October 12, 2007: MasterCard Rink Hotline

E-mail (below) to the city's outdoor rinks manager Kevin Bowser, cc to Parks, Forestry, and Recreation general manager Brenda Librecz, Parks director Paul Ronan, and recreation manager Constanza Allevato: partly tongue-in-cheek, but not completely!

Hi there -- Re Mastercard's electrifying offer to donate $160,000 to open the rinks at the scheduled time:

1. Maybe VISA will throw in a little more ($8000?) to open all the double pads at the ideal time (Nov.16), using the permanent staff who are on duty anyway? Outdoor Rinks And Weather.

2. As you may know, Dufferin Rink staff have been doing a live citywide outdoor rink hot line for about 4 years now, with the rink manager's blessing -- and they're ready to do it again this year. Maybe as an appreciation, it could be called the "Mastercard rink hotline"? (Although the Mastercard PR people told me they're not asking for any branding.)

This rink story is developing some unexpected plot twists -- Wednesday's meeting should be interesting.

For those who haven't heard yet -- Mastercard has just announced that they will donate $160,000 to the City to open the outdoor rinks on time:

Now THAT'S putting the cat among the pigeons!!

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