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posted January 10, 2008

October 10, 2007: Rink closure update

Here's an update: Two-thirds of the councillors have been contacted by phone to remind them the outdoor rinks should open. There have been media stories, and more planned now that the Ontario election is over. (Please send in any that you know and they'll be posted on Media

The outdoor rinks manager (Kevin Bowser) has finally set up a meeting with the writers of the Outdoor Rink Report What Needs Fixing, about not only length of season but also other aspects running the outdoor rinks in a better way. Some rink supporters form other parts of the city will also be at this meeting.

Meantime a hockey lover named Alex Baird has started an anti-rink-closure group on Facebook which has 200 members already. Those folks are mad, as you can see from Baird's idea:

''My goal was to hopefully get to 500 and to organize a rally on city hall, with everyone carrying a hockey stick (similar to the way protesting farmers used to carry pitchforks).''

However the Mayor has said that if his taxes get through on October 22, the rinks will be opened as originally planned (Dec.8). And it sounds as though he has the councillor votes that he needs. So a rally may not be necessary -- we'll know on October 22.


If you haven't e-mailed the councillors yet (or if you think they need reminding), here's the link: What Needs Fixing

More updates will be coming now that the heat is on.

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