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posted March 10, 2008

March 10, 2008: More-cost-less-ice-time update -- more letters please

If you haven't written to those councillors, general manager, Mayor's office yet, please consider doing it now (see suggested text and links below). Updates:

1. The issue of keeping more rinks open in March is a red herring but it gets lots of press. (Fact: At 1 pm on Monday March 10, Dufferin Rink is open but the hockey ice is mushing up fast, despite -14 celsius this morning. That spring sun has so much power.)

2. So far, the rink restructuring plan, which adds $250,000 to the cost of the ice maintenance at outdoor rinks Increase In Rink Costs can't seem to catch any interest either at City Hall or the media. (Media-savvy skaters -- any inspirations?)

Councillor Adam Giambrone said he spoke to Councillors Mihevc and Fletcher and they now have the plan "on their radar." But those committees are not meeting until April, and the decision to commit to this very poor plan is being made this week (or last, or next -- who knows, nobody's talking). And the grapevine says that the Etobicoke (single pad) outdoor rinks have been promised even more -- TWO shifts of a rink operator sitting there all day, during the rink season. If true, that plan would require even more funds, making rink operation even more precarious. 3. This issue may seem far away now but it will haunt rink users next season, so please take the time to write. Suggested text:

Dear Councillor, PLEASE PUT ON HOLD THE GRASS-CUTTER ZAMBONI OPERATOR LEAD HAND PLAN Increase In Rink Costs until it can be examined more carefully (and publicly). This plan needs Council's oversight.

If you just cut and paste that one sentence, that's plenty, and send it to:

Chair of the Parks and Environment Committee, Councillor Paula Fletcher: [email protected]
Chair of the Community Development and Recreation Committee, Councillor Joe Mihevc: [email protected]
Chair of the Budget Committee, Councillor Shelley Carroll: [email protected]
Mayor David Miller: [email protected]
cc to the General Manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Brenda Librecz: [email protected]

And think about forwarding this to your skating friends, if you haven't already.

Jutta Mason

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