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What Went Wrong in November 2009: this is NOT a story about global warming

disappointment -- unnecessary!

Why none of the City Rinks opened on the scheduled day: two of the rinks had unfinished construction. For the remaining rinks, the main problem was that although city staff were scheduled to flood the rinks, they were not scheduled to flood overnight, which is by far the best time to lay down ice. Attempts to flood in the daytime (not many) and early evening were unsuccessful because of the warm weather. Harbourfront, in contrast, was flooded overnight for six nights and was able to open on time.


1. Albert Campbell (Scarborough Civic Centre): on Nov.20, no ice, the compressors were not on, no staff there, and leaves still blowing around the rink.

2. Broadlands: on Nov.20, the compressors had been turned off and there was no ice.

3. Dufferin Rink: this rink had no overnight staff so on November 18, volunteers began to add two overnight floodings to the evening floodings. On November 20, the ice was so solid that evening staff were able to add five floodings in five hours. Volunteers added three more floodings overnight. At 9 a.m. on November 21 the ice was smooth and hard and skaters began to skate. However at 10 a.m. the Parks supervisor ordered the rink closed, saying the ice was not thick enough. After one more evening of flooding by staff and three more overnight volunteer floodings, the rink was allowed to open on November 22.

4. Glen Long Rink: compressors off, no ice.

5. Hodgson: More ice than most, but closed. No floods after 4.45 on Saturday (i.e. what was supposed to be opening day).

6. Irving Chapley: Nov. 20: compressors off. No ice. Staff said they would wait until temperature is 0.

7. Kew Rink: closed. Visit pending.

8. Mel Lastman Square: compressors off,no ice, no staff.

9. Nathan Philips Square (City Hall): Nov.20 -- no staff at 2 pm, ice wet but hard underneath except only water on the northeast section. Nov.21: News came at 1.30 that City Hall is open.

10. Regent Park South: compressors on, some puddles on the rink but mainly concrete, no staff there. No overnight flooding.

11. Rennie: Nov.20: compressors on, ice on pleasure-skating side, lots of water on the hockey side. No overnight flooding. Nov.21 closed.

12. Sir Adam Beck: washrooms still under construction, rink night lights lying on the ground. Small amount of ice on the rink pad. No overnight flooding.

13. Sunnydale: rink under construction, no access to compressor room, no way to make ice. No overnight flooding.

14. West Mall: compressor power rerouted to hockey side, but not enough ice. No overnight flooding.

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