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Rink Diary 2006 - 2007

March 12 2007, 8:45pm

Overcast, 5 degrees. Ice was in good condition, especially considering the strong sun yesterday. There was a game of pick-up shinny happening on the hockey side, and about six people skating on the pleasure side. One boy was having a great time skating, then jumping around the snow pile in the middle of the rink where the trees are, then taking off skating again.

A very friendly staff member was in the building picking up garbage - turns out yesterday was her first day at this rink, and she not only supervises the building but is also the zamboni driver. She said that the hockey pad had to be closed because of the sun yesterday, but was able to open easily for the permit at night. And on the pleasure side they were able to let people keep skating on about half of it even in the afternoon. She wasn't sure about the schedule this week, though thought there would be more open shinny time than normal (Rennie has a local hockey league and a lot of permits).

March 7 2007 3.40 p.m.

The rink observation room was locked but downstairs changerooms were open. gate on hockey side was locked but zamboni swing gates were unlocked, so kids and adults were getting in there. 9 people playing shinny (3 adults without helmets). One person skating on pleasure side. No rink guards but the zamboni driver was there -- said it's his first day at that rink. In the Etobicoke district, zamboni drivers stay at one rink for their entire shift, so most of their time is down time.

The ice was in excellent condition on both sides, despite the sun earlier in the day.

Feb. 6th, 8:30pm

Ice in good condition. There are no rink guards on the ice. The rink coordinator was leaving the building, and a replacement came in. The washrooms are clean and there is toilet paper in each of the stalls. There is a news clipping as you enter the observation room about a coach from Syracuse who died when he slipped on the ice and landed on his head. A warning from management and staff?

A league game is on and there are lots of parents watching - there are 3 pleasure skaters.

Jan.17 2007, 7.40 pm

The rink was so busy that there were no parking places left in their ample parking lot. There was a girls' hockey game going on, with refs and the score on the scoreboard. There were also lots of pleasure skaters, many of them little kids in full hockey gear waiting for their game. Inside, in the upstairs observation room, the snack bar was open and serving popcorn and chips, chocolate bars, pop, etc. Altogether there must have been over 100 people at the rink (counting teams waiting in their change rooms).

Jan.12 2007, 12 noon

Ice looked good. Six men playing shinny (3 with helmets, three without). No one on the pleasure-skating side.

Jan.7 2007, 6.30 pm

The hockey side is always full on weekends - league practices all day long with open shinny only once - it has an electronic score board an indoor adult viewing area of the hockey rink, a serious league set up, referees, a pleasure pad that circles beautifully around a lovely tall evergreen tree, free public parking and a zamboni that has been repainted thanks to Home Depot.

The ice is great, hard and smooth. There are about 40 skaters, most in a league game and about 20 adults watching the game. The schedule is not posted, but is said to be the same as the city brochure. The zamboni and its driver are on site at all times.

There are 4 staff: 1 rink coordinator, 2 rink guards with helmets, and 1 zamboni driver. There's also a referee (probably paid by the league).

The two rink guards are hard at work in helmets, safety vests and skates on the pleasure side- they have some kids who are intent on climbing on the piles of snow left by the zamboni (with their skates on) and throwing snow. The rink guards are attentive and trying to distract the kids. We are told that the rink guards are asked to stay on the ice at all times, and even on their breaks they have to keep monitoring the pleasure pad.

Inside is clean although there is some graffiti and a hole in the wall of the stairwell. There are mats, benches, and garbage and recycling cans. The rink is not wheelchair accessible.There are four changerooms for teams (A, B, C, D). There is a working vending machine for soft drinks! The code of conduct is posted in a number of places, the schedule is not. There is a pay phone.

Upstairs between the adult viewing area and the indoor stairs to the change room is the staff room where we find the rink coordinator. The staff room has a couple of TV's and a couch. Two friends of the coordinator are in the staff room, and one of the TV's is on, but later it's turned off. There is an office phone, but the rink coordinator doesn't want the number passed around. There are first aid kits.

The hockey scene is great, if you are in a league.

Dec.12 2006

High 9 celsius, low 3. Mostly cloudy. Children's full-equipment hockey on hockey side, about 20 pleasure-skaters on the other side. ice looked okay. They had no schedules because the centrally-printed schedule was wrong for Rennie and no new ones had been printed yet.

Dec.2 2006

Rinks was supposed to open today but it's not ready; operator says it will open tomorrow afternoon.

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