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Morningside Ave, at Runnymede. Double pad. Large (free) rink parking lot. For ice conditions, call the rink at 416-392-0916 or 416-392-1103 or 392-0392

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Rink Diary 2003 - 2004

Rennie Park Pleasure Skating

Skate around the tree

Jutta Mason: I had heard about the very large children's skating school and hockey program called "Squirts," that was run by neighbourhood people out of the Swansea Community Centre. So I went down to Rennie Rink one Saturday, on a pretty cold February morning in 1992. The rink was swarming with tiny skaters, all decked out with helmets and face masks and team shirts. Even the smallest skated with surprising steadiness. I watched from the observation room in the rink change house. The room was full of people, many engaged in conversation. Through the observation windows I could see a lot more parents standing outside down at the rink fence, talking and watching their kids. I was introduced to hockey convener Frances Teliatnik, who stood at a table with an open ledger, ticking off the names of children whose parents came to pay for the skating courses. I asked Frances whether they help people who can't afford to buy the hockey equipment for their children. She said in a case like that they could always find skates or equipment by asking around.

Frances invited me for a coffee at her house later, and told me " of the things about Swansea when we first moved there was its sense of community. That was what attracted me to getting involved in the hockey at the beginning. Originally the director of the old town hall community centre had approached some of the mothers, to try to revive a hockey program that was falling apart.Once the group got together, the hockey got to running on its own, just with the assistance of whoever was running the community centre. This was well over 25 years ago. A lot of the stuff that's going on in the community now was the result of that hockey. The hockey was an opportunity to get involved with people. We spent a lot of times as meetings at somebody's house -- or just spent time talking to each other at the rink."

Rennie Park Rink Hockey Side

Rennie Park Rinkhouse

Rennie Park Rink Fundraiser

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