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2006 - 2007

Feb.22 2007, 3.30 pm

zamboni at Regent South, 3.30 pm

Heavy, wet snowfall in the morning closed the rink. Zamboni just finishing cleaning the ice at 3.30, ready to re-open. Very nice rink attendant (alone, no skaters) said the reason why there's a Regent North Rink so near is that there are older boundaries, no longer so much of a problem, but still in people's minds. It used to be that parents might not want their kids to go to the South Rink, that they would think it was dangerous. There used to be a sharper division between north and south. He said he tries to tell the kids, "don't go telling people you're from Regent Park, so they'll be afraid of how tough you are. If you don't try to be important like that, you'll stay out of trouble." He grinned, though, and said, "maybe they listen to me, maybe not."

5.30pm: four skaters playing hockey, with three more arriving.

Dec.18 2006, 3:30pm

We arrive in time for the after school rush. About 10 people are suiting up to play shinny. The ice is good although the boards were not repainted and the concrete was not thoroughly cleaned before the ice went in.

The schedule is not posted and copies are not available. The ice is maintained once or twice a day but there is no schedule for those resurfacing visits.

There are two staff there. The inside is very pleasant, large and open with nice natural light and good visual access. There are mats and benches inside arranged in a smart way.

They offer about 10 free helmets to be borrowed (no signing out) but no one has enough money to buy their own. The older teens on the rink are not wearing helmets but kids are made to wear helmets. There are recycling and garbage bins and the changeroom has been swept that day.

There is no food. The changeroom is really loud since a heater is broken and makes a loud noise. There are lockers. Like Dufferin inside, the floor is pure mats instead of carefully placed paths of mats.

There is a phone for staff but it breaks, the staff says. There are no green shovels on site.

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