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Shuter E of Sumach, north side.Double pad. Parking on Shuter street right by rink. For ice conditions, call the rink at 416-392-0917.

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2003 - 2004

Regent Park South Rink

Feb.28, 2004: unseasonably warm, sunny afternoon. Ice was amazingly good -- a few puddles but still firm overall. No one on ice but two staff in rink house, looking over the shoulders of three boys playing chess. very good-natured vibe. This rink house has a good possibility for installing a small community kitchen -- roomy and very bright with windows from both sides. Right at the edge of a bad-reputation housing development, but one of the best compressor plants and nicest rink houses in the city.

March 6, 2004: I went to see how Regent South rink had held up during the warm spell the day before. The foreman was there, talking on his cell, trying to find out why the rink staff hadn't come to open the changeroom (by 12.30 noon). I pointed at a window with a cracked pane, and he said that was done earlier in the week. "There was a sign on the door that said the rink would be open until March 21," he said. "Then when it got so warm they shut the rink down and took off the sign. The next morning, seven of those glass panes were cracked. I guess people were unhappy when the plans changed."

Regent Park South Rinkhouse

Regent Park South Changeroom

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