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wood stove at Dufferin


2009 - 2010

Tuesday Dec.8 2009

thin sheet of ice

This rink was meant to open last Saturday, but the building attendant says that flooding had hardly begun by then, the rink was still mostly cement. However, water was put down over the weekend and the rink opened on Monday. It still looked very thin, and no one was skating on it.

This is one of the most unattractive rink buildings in the city, which is saying something. It has no windows and feels unsafe to me. But the very friendly rink attendant says he feels fine sitting there all by himself, in a place where no one can see or hear him. Anyway, this rink is scheduled to be demolished next year or the year after, as the rebuilding of Regent Park moves into this section.

the rink building

the door into the change room

Email from rink user M.S. Sunday Dec.6 2009

Rink seems as though your about to skate on cement/a grass field that froze over (not a smooth or thick surface in any which way). Needs to be flooded at least 2 more times to be able to do any skating. Please help us out over here because I know some people that want to be playing hockey everyday around here.

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