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Dec.18 2006, 3.15 pm

The ice here is the worst and at first it seems that no staff is there and that no one has opened the rink yet. The ice is very, very thin and wet on top although it is so thin that it should be rock hard. A lady walking her dog nearby complains that they haven't opened it yet this year and that kids are waiting. The rink is locked up and so is the change room. The schedule is not posted outside. There are benches outside in the little alcoves of the changeroom, but between two walls it smells like pee.

rink is locked

Eventually a staff person appears and explains that the rink is open for the season but closed today. The rink is maintained usually twice a day at 3pm and in the morning. The ice has been cleaned today but it is in such bad shape...strange. The refrigeration equipment must be very bad.

There are mats outside but there is no staff phone and the bathrooms are dirty and there is no TP in them. There are no indoor garbages and the staff have not set up their desk yet, nothing is posted or unpacked. The changeroom is always hard to get into since there are hockey nets in the way which one must squeeze by to get in an change. There is no separate staff area, unlike most rink changerooms.

There is no food. There is no signage and no code of conduct and no schedule on site. Outside the doors to the changeroom are unlabelled. There are extra mats lying around. There is no pay phone. They have green shovels but the staff says its best to just close when it snows.

The shinny scene is normally good after school (the staff says), but not today: its closed. Parking on Gerrard or Dundas. This rink and changeroom is on its way out, sometime in the next 10 years as regent park gets redeveloped. So there seems little incentive to follow up on maintenance, at least looking at the ice today.

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